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* With PRO versions, you can install to get theme and sample data like our demo site, access all template features. So, you just replace demo content with your content to save development time.

After you buy PRO version, you can log in to Customer Area and download file ‘[theme-name].zip‘. After downloaded, you unzip it and you will see four packages includes:

  • Document.
  • [theme-name]

***Please install WordPress first, then follow steps below to install your WordPress theme Quickstart package:

Step 1: Add Plugins

You go to Plugins on the Dashboard, click the button “Add New”

Step 2: Search “All-in-One WP Migration”

Please, enter keyword “All-in-One WP Migration” at field search.

Step 3: Active Plugins

Click “Active”

Step 4: Upload A Wpress File

Then you go to “All-in-One WP Migration Plugins”  > “Import”

Step 5: Browse & Import file

Select Import from “FILE”. And choose ‘[theme-name]-[xxxxxxx]-[xxxxxx]-[xxx].wpress

Note: If maximum upload < 200MB. Please, download package All-in-One WP Migration Import and install it.  (You go to Plugins on Dashboard, click the button “Add New” and Upload package).

Note: If after importing a theme, if you see 100% file have uploaded but nothing happening, Please, deactivate plugin All in One wp migration and download package All-in-One WP Migration 6.6.4 and install it.  (You go to Plugins on Dashboard, click the button “Add New” and Upload package). And come back step 4

Step 6: Finish

If you are required to log in again, enter user: Wooskins_demo_admin, password: [email protected]

***If your hosting is full of space when importing files. Here’s how we solve this problem.

  • Step 1: Install plugin wp reset.
  • Step 2: Reset the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files.
  • Step 3: Go to Plugins > remove all plugins which have been deactivated
  • Step 4: Then, start your installation normally.

Full Tutorial Video



  1. Avatar kenneth johnson

    i paid for the install service over days ago and have not being able to get any help as of yet i would a refund

    • wooskins_admin wooskins_admin

      So sorry for delay response, I just replied you via ticket, can you recheck? Don’t worry, if we can’t solve your problem, we happy to send full refund.

  2. Avatar Gabriel Burdese

    i try the quickstar guide and all Works but when i try login to WordPress after demo user and password missmatch described here.

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