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Structure Template of Woocommerce is the templates file to establish its structure displayed outside website.

Learn about the template of Woocommerce

The structure templates of Woocommerce  will be saved in the folder /wp-content/ plugins/ woocommerce/ templates/  and all the files in which are template displayed , everything has in it.

List template of Woocommerce

If you don’t understand the significance of the files and folders inside it , I interpreted as follows

auth/ –  unknown

cart/ – The template files related to display cart

cart-empty.php  –  Display empty cart

cart-item-data.php –  Display variant inside cart

cart-shipping.php – Display the area where  choose the type of delivery inside cart

cart-total.php – Display the box which total cart

cart.php – Display all cart

cross-sell.php – Display product which cross-sell

mini-cart.php – Display the mini cart at widget

process-to-checkout-button.php – The button which switch over pay page

shipping-calculator.php – Display the delivery charge box inside cart

checkout/ – The template files display the payment

cart-errors.php – Display the faulty cart page

form-billing.php – Display the form billing information of customer

form-checkout.php – The whole structure of the payment form.

form-coupon.php –Show entry form preferential code.

form-login.php –Display the login form

form-pay.php – Show paid, including the cart conclusion and the selection payment method.

form-shipping.php  – Display the address entered consignee

payment-method.php – display the payment method button

payment.php – Display information of payment methods and order button.

review-order.php –Display review the bill

thankyou.php – Display the thank page after payment

emails/ – The templates display the notification email of Woocommerce

plain/ – Template display the usual text email  .

admin-cancelled-order.php – The content email report the exhibition canceled for admin

admin-new-order.php – The content email notification the new exhibition for admin

customer-completed-order.php – The content email notification complete orders for customers

customer-invoice.php – The content email notification bill for customer

customer-new-account.php –The content email notification new account information for customer

customer-note.php – The content email notification has just added a new  note in bill for customer

customer-processing-order.php – The  content email notification  the orders are processing for customer

customer-refunded-order.php – The  content email notification the orders have been repaid

customer-reset-password.php – The  content email notification password recovery for customers

email-addresses.php – the part display in the email address

email-footer.php – The part display footer in email

email-order-items.php – The part displays the product line in the email

email-styles.php  – CSS of email

global/ – The templates display the elements on all pages of Woocommerce

breadcrumb.php – Display the navigation bar.

form-login.php – Display login form

quantity-input.php –  Display the selected number

sidebar.php – Display sidebar of Woocommerce

wrapper-end.php – Display the end portion of the structure elements surrounding the site.

wrapper-start.php – Display the start  portion of the structure elements surrounding the site.

loop/ – All the elements in the loop display products of Woocommerce

add-to-cart.php – The button add to cart

loop-end.php – The element end loop , each card only <ul>

loop-start.php – The element start loop

no-product-found.php – Field display product not found.

order.php – Frame display arrangement displaying products

pagination.php – Display  pagination

price.php – Display price

rating.php – Display the rating product

result-count.php – Display the result count

sale-flash.php – Display the label SALE word on product when the product is discounted

title.php – Display the product title

myaccount/ – The templates display the account in Woocommerce

form-add-payment-method.php – Display form add payment method

form-edit-account.php – Display form edit account

form-edit-address.php – Display form edit email

form-login.php – Form login

form-lost-password.php – Form lost pasword

my-account.php – Template display  My Account.

my-address.php – Template display My Address.

my-downloads.php – Template display the products were paid which can download.

my-orders.php – Template display My orders.

view-order.php – Template display  page  order on the account

notices/ – the templates display notification

error.php – Notification error

notice.php – Notification

success.php – notification successful

order/ – the templates display the order

form-tracking.php – Form tracking the oder.

order-again.php – Displays the reset the oder.

order-details-customer.php – Display the customer details in order.

order-details-item.php –Display the item detail in order.

order-details.php – Display the detail information in order.

tracking.php – Display tracking the  order page.

single-product/ – The templates display the elements in the page displays the details of the product.

add-to-cart/ – the templates display add to cart button in the product detail page.

exernal.php –Add to cart button on the external links.

grouped.php – Add to cart button for group products.

simple.phpAdd to cart button with simple products.

variable.php –Add to cart button with products containing variants.

tabs/ – The template displays the contents of the information tab in the product.

additonal-information.php – Tab display more product information.

description.php –Tab displays the product description.

tabs.php – The structure of the tab.

meta.php – Display meta information section of the product as category, keywords, …

price.php –Show prices.

product-attributes.php – Show product attributes.

product-image.php – Displays product images.

product-thumbnails.php – Displays of product image gallery.

rating.php – Displays the rated point star.

related.php – Show related products.

review.php – Displays a list of customer reviews.

sale-flash.php – Displays the Sale word  label.

share.php – Displays share products on social networks.

short-description.php – Displays the short description.

title.php – Displays title.

up-sells.php – Displays more products sold.

archive-product.php – Template display storage structure of the product page.

content-product.php – Template display content displayed structured product called from archive-product.php.

content-product_cat.php – Template displaying content structured products in the category.

content-single-product.php – Template display the content structure shown in the product details page.

content-widget-product.php – Structure display content products in the widget .

product-searchform.php – Structure  display search product  form.

single-product-reviews.php – The structure displays a list of customer reviews of the product detail page.

single-product.php – Structure display a product detail page.

taxonomy-product_cat.php – Structure  displays product category page.

taxonomy-product_tag.php – Structure  display keyword product pages.

How to customize Woocommerce template  safe

To customize the stucture template without losing then you will need to copy the folder / wp-content / plugins / woocommerce / templates to the current theme folder you are using on your blog,then rename the template folder in the folder to Woocommerce.

Woocommerce template reading

Action hook for it is known it will be created by the do_action function () which we can easily see in the above code is that it creates woocommerce_before_shop_loop hook at that location. And the comment paragraph is function which being hooked to this hook. Example:

* @hooked woocommerce_result_count - 20
* @hooked woocommerce_catalog_ordering - 30

Meaning woocommerce_result_count function being hooked in this hook with  the order of priority is 20.

For example, you will find woocommerce_result_count function.

After found, we will find it belong any Package in documentation and the important is any file which declared it (Located at).

Click on the link Located at, we’ll look into the code to declare it.

Looking at the code, we can easily understand the function will display template function loop/result-count.php in template folder because wc_get_template () function is used to load the template of Woocommerce , and it will give priority to the files inside the folder template theme.

Done, now we want to correct the contents of this function is in the folder templates /loop/result-count.php, that’s it. Wish you success!

Thanks for your reading. If you have any question with this blog, don’t hesitate leave a comment. Moreover, you might need perfect Free Woocommerce themes to attract more attention of the customers. Why don’t you come and join us?

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