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Here is the list of the best WordPress Calculator Plugin that lets you create a calculator on your website with no effort!

These are some awesome WordPress Calculator Plugin in the WordPress directory. They play different roles in different sectors. Therefore, we are giving a total overview of these beautiful plugins that will help you choose the best one for your site.

PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator Add-on

This module can be used for making various types of more humble than conventional PCs, for instance, an ideal weight little PC, calorie analyst, quote scaled back PC for housing booking, vehicle rental pronouncement analyst, contract little PC, charge little PC, and so forth Moreover, internationalization is in like way now available with this module so you will can make a translation of your small PC into various vernaculars.

Provided Features:

  • Set your custom condition subject to customer input
  • Cover picked fields
  • Laborer side calculation
  • Figure on catch click
  • Right coasting point math


  • Multipurpose
  • Splendid module
  • Solid

Calculated Fields Form

This is a free scaled back PC module that licenses you to make responsive arrangements with effectively picked fields. You can add many finished up fields to your advancements using this module. Plus, it maintains assorted field types like drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio gets, dates, and others. Plus, it works magnificently with all subjects and is cross-program sensible.

Provided Features:

  • Visual form producer
  • Any number of calculated fields can be added
  • Immediate and visual master interface
  • The master sponsorships both get and advanced works out
  • Supports multiple field types
  • See undertakings with dates


  • Multipurpose
  • Completely free
  • Striking assistance

Cost Calculator Builder

Cost Calculator Builder is another best calculator module that grants you to make respect assessment structures for your site. This helps customers with improving thought about the expense of your things and affiliations. Furthermore, the module goes with its own check maker with 8 explicit master pieces.

Provided Features:

  • Amassed astoundingly direct for the visitors
  • Urges you to collect such an assessment structures
  • Grants you to conveniently make respect assessment structures
  • Offers its own drag-n-drop assessment structure engineer
  • Can make a boundless number of tally structures


  • Easy to use and present
  • Nice module
  • Huge

WordPress Mortgage Calculator Estatik

WordPress Mortgage Calculator Estatik is a useful plugin to permit your customers to survey their home credit packages. It might be used as a crucial agent, with the retail cost, early part, and financing cost. Also, the shortcode licenses you to add your home credit analyst to your sidebar or to any post or page.

Provided Features:

  • Looks incredible on any contraption from the different sides
  • You can use it as a key more humble than foreseen PC with the Purchase cost
  • Change little PC tone as shown by your subject styles
  • The little PC shows achieve the Popup window
  • Add analyst to your sidebars as a contraption


  • Clear
  • Superb
  • Reasonable

fitness calculators plugin

If you are running a thriving or prosperity site, you may have to allow your visitors great calculators for their success limits. This module causes you add a more unobtrusive than common PC for giving your visitors a point by point understanding into their flourishing. Also, it other than offers shortcodes to four small PC contraptions like water demand, protein use, weight record, and muscle to fat degree.

Provided Features:

  • Shortcodes for four master contraptions
  • This master will get some data about stature and weight
  • Checking muscle versus fat degree


  • Obliging and all around arranged
  • Productive
  • Calm leaning


Zigaform is an absolutely versatile module that grants you to assemble assessment structures in a couple of stages using an undeniable yet astonishing trademark advancement creator. It is cross-program reasonable extravagantly so paying little notification to what in particular precisely web program your customer is using to get to your website page they should encounter no trouble using the features of this module.

Provided Features:

  • Cost assessment and examination incorporate
  • Detached Payment Gateway included
  • 42+ arrangement parts fit to be used
  • Full skin customizer with live see
  • Math figuring
  • Advanced affiliation system for building structure assessors
  • Dynamic help for your arrangement
  • Advanced hypothetical check box


  • Totally adaptable
  • Easy to present
  • Vast assistance

EZ Form Calculator

Another analyst module we should propose is EZ Form Calculator. This module enables you to amass structure calculators, advanced expense assessors, and expansive contact structures on your site in minutes for an issue free way to deal with oversee manage the money related side of your business. Also, it grants you to make responsive messages and PDF records that can be joined to messages and sent quick, saving you a huge load of both time and effort.

Provided Features:

  • Cycle structure regards thus
  • Wide prohibitive reasoning
  • Advanced checks
  • Email advises
  • GDPR planned
  • Plan subtleties
  • 5 arrangement plans


  • Ordinary arrangement engineer
  • Adequately add structure parts
  • Charming module


It is another nice decision for those looking for an all around analyst. The module licenses you to make on a general level to the going with master modules on this summary. Likewise, it is possible to add a huge degree of picked fields, and a smooth and visual interface. Take a gander at it!

Provided Features:

  • Many closed fields can be added
  • Fundamental and visual calculator interface
  • “Duplicate” catch to duplicate a turn of events
  • Make up to 3 more unobtrusive than foreseen PCs for your necessities
  • Reorder the shortcode of the window any spot
  • Orchestrating scaled back PC styles


  • Good other option
  • Unmistakable calculation results
  • Fundamental and visual

Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator is a mind boggling method to give changed, second implies for likely customers and clients. You can use one of the 7 grasped approaches to start quickly. Also, the little PC can in this route change over between financial standards, seeing the customer’s area to show the right one.

Provided Features:

  • Second Price Estates
  • Confined Detailed List
  • See Payments with Buy Now ensures about
  • Gather customer information for publicizing
  • Changed Currency Conversion
  • Pay with Paypal


  • Pivotal and easy to use
  • Bewildering help
  • Sensible module

CC BMI Calculator

CC BMI Calculator is a pivotal weight record (BMI) analyst that can be used on health and success areas. It licenses customers to enter their height and weight information to see their weight record score. This shows if their weight falls into a strong reach.

Provided Features:

  • Grants you to pick different styles by changing tones
  • Chooses if their weight falls into a sound reach
  • Particularly immediate versatile
  • It will all things considered be put on the sidebar as a contraption


  • Amazing assistance
  • Wonderful
  • Utilitarian


WordPress Calculator Plugin helps you to edit, create and design your site on your choice. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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