Order Management in Woocommerce

Every time someone orders on your website, in addition to sites send you a notification email, the client sends a confirmation email, then of course it also stores information in the order in the database of the website you can be seen in part Woocommerce -> Order. Here, you will find a list of all […]

Setup email notifications in Woocommerce

Woocommerce default, whenever a customer orders, the website will send an email notification to the administrator , and shoppers themselves will also receive an email confirmation of their order, and they will also receive an email when their order status changes. Make sure your website can send mail If you are using good hosts for […]

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

Setting Up the Sandbox In Woocommerce, Sandbox mode means testing for the developer / programmer, you can create an account with the amount available Sandbox in which to conduct experiments on its website. When using this mode in Woocommerce, you will be paid to your PayPal account and your own will using PayPal Sandbox account […]

The Payment Settings In Woocommerce

Payment settings To install the payment of Woocommerce , you visit  Woocommerce  -> Settings -> Payment. Compulsory security payment: This option should not tick if you do not understand what is SSL certificate. You should only choose when you installed an SSL certificate on the website. Cart Page: Select the shopping cart page where you […]

Complete delivery fee charged in Woocommerce

Debug Shipping Mode You access to the WooCommerce -> System Status -> Tools and check the correction mode of delivery methods. Setup Shipping Zone (Zone shipping) If you want to set up shipping costs, you must set the Shipping Zone before. To set up your shipping zone WooCommerce -> Forwarding and Shipping Zones selected, then […]

How to Change WooCommerce Product Image Size

The default picture size of Woocommerce probably will not like the attention you want, because you may want your product image larger or smaller. Although in all learn setup overview of Woocommerce had to talk through pictures and share settings but maybe I should write an article for your own easy to find when you […]

Putting Links To The Menu In Wocommerce

There is a seemingly simple problem while using Woocommerce but have you not known or don’t know how to do, which is to establish the links on the menu to add the theme as the product category page, a link to the page account,…And in this article I will guide detailing job. To add a […]

Setting Up Taxes In Wocommerce

Enable Taxes To access the tax settings screens, they first need to be enabled. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings. Select the Enable Taxes checkbox. Save changes. Tax Options In the Options page tax, we have a number set as follows. Price entered with tax included :Optional product prices including tax or excluding tax. If not include […]

The Basic Installation Settings

We’ve learned through posting a simple product which they have presented quite lengthy and detailed in the previous article, as we know how to post the product.   Continue now we should learn through detailed settings available at  Woocommerce -> Settings so you know it has nothing in it through which to open when needed. At […]

How To Use Theme Storefront

When using Woocommerce theme is certainly not always be able to support your  booth show best .  The reason for WooCommerce plugin it will be adding a few components required, such as store displays, booths, carts, … that if the theme is not optimized display uses these components it can not be nice because using […]

Adding A Simple Product In Woocommerce

Before we dig deeper into the settings in Woocommerce then try adding a few simple products prior to you imagine the work it how offline . Although current Woocommerce support many types different products, but in this article I just mentioned to simple products, at the same time we are going through functional testing of […]