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Here are some best free Woocommerce search plugins to consider. Let’s begin!

What can Woocommerce Search Plugins do for your website?

Searching mechanisms play a significant role in eCommerce activities. A decent searching mechanism will assist clients with finding and order effectively the products on your site, at that point your sales will raise.

Top Woocommerce Search Plugins

1. Ajax Search Lite

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Ajax Search Lite is a rich-feature module, licenses you to look WooCommerce things just as other substance on your site. Despite glancing through component, this module contains various organization similarly as decisions for backend to re-try as indicated by as need.

Key features:

  • Search tittle, excerpt, category, tag and so on
  • Custom Filter boxes for categories and post types
  • Search results include images
  • Automatic searching
  • Primary and secondary ordering options
  • Caches images
  • Available template and customizable color
  • And more


  • Google Analytic intergrated
  • Reponsive interface
  • Compatible with WPML and Qtranslate

2. WooCommerce Search by Omega

WooCommerce Search by Omega can fulfill clients with proficient looking through highlights just as fast outcome. It additionally has auto-complete term, single/plural hunt and it’s anything but difficult to introduce and utilize.

Key features:

  • Fast speed of searching
  • High index speed
  • Automatic word completion when typing
  • Singular/Plural/Morphology search
  • And more


  • WPML is supported
  • Compatible with most of themes
  • Quick installation

3. WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

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WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce permits your clients search by sifting labels, classifications, custom scientific classifications, properties, etc. In case you’re searching for a module with decent variety of looking through channel, WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce is for you.

Key features:

  • Search products by SKU
  • Search by price, text, excerpt and content
  • Filter category, tag, custom category,…
  • Show and filter targeted products in a single page or in post using shortcode
  • Choose to search product by AJAX
  • Display the number of relevant variants will be found
  • And more


  • Compatible with WPML
  • Plenty of featues

4. Predictive Search for WooCommerce

woocommerce search plugins 4

We have to familiarize with you a little module having fast execution – Predictive Search for WooCommerce. The result will be shown in a brief instant, dynamically as what customers type in the interest structure. The result in the drop down will show thing name, thumbnail and depiction.

Key features:

  • Search with tittle of product, page and post
  • Predictive search with accurate result
  • Show result as soon as users type
  • Endless scroll
  • Set the number of result for each product
  • And more


  • Fast result
  • Lightweight plugin

woocommerce search plugins 6

Another basic however incredible Woocommerce search module – Smart WooCommerce Search – empowers you to look and see the outcome rapidly. You simply type the pertinent content and this module will show you the outcome without a moment’s delay, no pausing. .

Key features:

  • Show the images and price along with results
  • Search by SKU
  • Restrict the search to selected product categories
  • Exclude “out of stock” product from result
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with WPML

6. Premmerce Product Search for WooCommerce

Premmerce Product Search for WooCommerce is a fundamental quest module for WooCommerce. It gives essential pursuit highlights, for example, search by SKU, depiction, and extraordinarily by practically right words.

Key features:

  • Live autocomplete search
  • Automatic spell correction
  • Search for the similar words, transliterated words
  • Search by SKU and short description
  • And more


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

7. Ajax Search for WooCommerce

Ajax Search for WooCommerce is apparently one of the most celebrated Woocommerce search modules, with 40000+ unique foundation. It has a great deal of search and critical request features. In addition, it goes with visual interface and particularly organized chase bar.

Key features:

  • Search by tittle, SKU, description
  • Display SKU, tittle, price and description in result
  • Details panel with “add to cart” button and suggested products
  • Search by categories and tags
  • Custom the number of suggested results
  • Secial search version for mobile
  • And more


  • Support for Google Analytic
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Good support

This plugin is for little bussiness with less 100 things. WooCommerce Search, eCommerce Merchandising and Navigation offer a second inquiry to your Woocommerce site subject to cloud. Its looking proccess is speedy, and your customers must be content with this bit of breathing space.

Key features:

  • Search with image
  • Auto-correct for search term with Did You Mean
  • Eye-catching result page
  • Tailor-Made Landing Pages
  • Highlight search term
  • And more


  • Quick installation
  • Visual highlight
  • Responsive interface
  • Good support

Advanced Woo Search is a decent decision for a live pursuit module. It empowers you to look with numerous boundaries like content, bit, tag, class, etc. Also, you can show search structure ain anyplace you like with shortcode.

Key features:

  • Search based on tittle, content, excerpt, ID, tag, SKU, etc.
  • Show product image and price in each result
  • Order results by the priority of product source
  • Exclude particlular words from search
  • Choose the position of search box using shortcode
  • And more


  • Plurals and synonyms are supported
  • Professional support
  • Google Analytic support


To summarize, these are the top best free Woocommerce search plugins as we would see it. Don’t hesitate to pick the most reasonable one and give us your view about that plugin! Furthermore, if you’re searching for an exquisite template for your WooCommerce site, visit our free WordPress themes!

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