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Enhance your user’s experience by using top awesome WordPress Related Post Plugin!

Do you realize what is the capacity of related post modules? By utilizing it, you can show a classification of articles into your site with the goal that your guests can peruse significant posts without any problem. On account of it, you can improve the client’s understanding of your site viably. Consequently, today in this assortment, we give you the top best WordPress Related Post Plugin including clear investigation with the goal that you can settle on choice progressively. We should begin now!

1. Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress


This WordPress Related Post Plugin enables you to install a related post thumbnail after your posts. Moreover, this module grants you to adjust may feature of your thumbnails, for instance, size, sort of relationship similarly as show settings. You can similarly choose the amount of your related post with the objective that you can show, start date similarly as groupings.

Provided features:

  • Shortcode is available in the sidebar device
  • Relate posts by marks, arrangements or custom logical classifications
  • Select page/post type and orders


  • Extremely essential
  • Easy to modify structures

2. Contextual Related Posts


Intelligent Related Posts is a heavenly WordPress Related Post Plugin that licenses you to show an arrangement of related posts on your WordPress site in areal-time. In addition, through this module, you can in like manner hold your visitors, restore old segments similarly as decrease ricochet.

Provided features:

  • Show related posts on your site
  • Include related presents widgetized zone
  • Find related posts by title
  • Versatile yield
  • Extendable code
  • Make three MySQL FULLTEXT documents


  • Prevalent
  • Uncommon module and support
  • Wonderful module

3. Custom Related Posts


Incredibly Related Posts is a useful module that enables you to install related posts into any posts, pages, and custom post types. Also, this module furthermore enables you to manage those related associations similarly as select for yourself whether they go the two unique ways.

Provided features:

  • Then again show featured pictures
  • Import from XML using post IDs
  • Great with the Classic Editor
  • Set which post types the module
  • Adequately portray relations in one or the two unique ways
  • Show related posts with a shortcode, contraption or square


  • Unimaginable module
  • Perfectly
  • Splendid assistance

4. Related Posts for WordPress


With in excess of 50000 establishments, Related Posts for WordPress has been accepted to be one of the snappiest and most simple modules for partner pertinent presents on existing substance. By only a single tick, it will complete all the work for you. You should simply pick the amount of presents on relating.

Provided features:

  • Wizard to break down and interface post regularly
  • Make store to keep objectives smart
  • Award truly re-attempt mistakenly related posts
  • Consolidate shortcode at any condition in substance to show related posts
  • Gadget permitted to show related posts in the sidebar


  • Lightweight
  • Especially sorted out
  • Simple to-re-attempt CSS style consolidates

5. Related Posts by Taxonomy


Related Posts by Taxonomy gives you an ability to develop the responsibility of your perusers by embeddings related posts after post content or in the sidebar with a clear shortcode similarly as a device. You can moreover use this module to glance through the related posts in various logical orders and post types.

Provided features:

  • Reject or consolidate terms and posts
  • Journey for related posts
  • Limit the journey for related posts
  • Device and Shortcode
  • Show related posts
  • Little Footprint
  • Modified demonstration of related posts
  • Use your own HTML positions
  • To say the very least


  • Fantastic
  • Work basically like nothing else
  • Uncommonly lovely work

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 


One may express that Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a hero among other related posts module beginning late. Giving amazing parts of relating posts, pages, or custom post types to the area that your guests are investigating, it will be an awesome system to keep them keep looking at changed substances identified with the subject they are amped up for your site.

Provided features:

  • Capacity to show list view or thumbnail of related posts
  • Templating structure to oversee how substance are appeared
  • Use figuring for post content, title, orders, names, and so on.
  • Custom show off choices to show related substance in RSS channels


  • Simple to utilize
  • Obvious quality and stable worth
  • Think about cautious suggestions

7. Inline Related Posts


Another shocking WordPress Related Posts Plugin that we excitedly embrace to you is Inline Related Posts. A part that makes this module not comparable to the others is that it shows related posts inside your ways. A client have said that in the wake of utilizing this module, there was an expansion of 99% in site visits on his site so there is no explanation not to try it.

Provided features:

  • Development related boxes inside the substance
  • Line breaks apparent regularly
  • Consolidate a couple limits posts ordinarily
  • Give more than 20 styling choices including colors, point, and buoy.


  • A wide assortment of custom tones
  • Magnificent help
  • Simple to set up and adjust

8. CP Related Posts


CP Related Posts engages you to show related articles on your WordPress site viably including marks that are given out to your articles. What’s more, due to a count recollecting for this module, you can choose the most specialist term in the tiles, hypothetical similarly as your substance.

Provided features:

  • Select the amount of related posts
  • Concentrate the related terms from the titles of the articles
  • A customized estimation to choose the greatness of the relationship
  • Accomplice posts truly
  • Describe an edge for relations between posts


  • Capacities outstandingly
  • Wonderful
  • Essential anyway ground-breaking

9. Similar Posts – Best Related Posts Plugin for WordPress


This is a champion among different WordPress Related Post Plugin that engages you to show an arrangement of presents which are equal on your current posts. You can in like manner use this module to modify this once-over from various perspectives. It moreover has more than 30 names for you to show design customization.

Provided features:

  • Planning of current post’s order, marks, substance, and maker
  • Post notwithstanding by maker, ID, order, marks and custom fields
  • Boundless authority over the introduction and plan of indicated posts
  • In excess of 30 marks for show design customization
  • Yield in posts, devices, and RSS
  • In excess of 50 choices open


  • Mind-blowing stuff
  • Exorbitantly versatile


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