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Group products in WooCommerce can be understood as a set of multiple products into one group, and the user when the group will buy it instead of just buying a single product.  Suitable for your sales promotion package or something. The groups do not confuse the product with the product category, two completely different ones.
First, we need to create a group of products before. Group products is also normal products but we will choose the type of product data is “Product group” and don’t enter the price for it.

Adding Product Groups In Woocommerce

Then proceed to edit or add new products to be included in the group. The “connected products”, you’ll have to add a section called Group and there you find the group you just created to add.


Now when viewing the other product groups, you will see the item number of the product within the group when ordering.

Good luck! Thanks for your reading. If you have any question with this blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will reply to it as soon as possible.

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