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We’ve learned through posting a simple product which they have presented quite lengthy and detailed in the previous article, as we know how to post the product. Continue now we should learn through detailed settings available at Woocommerce -> Settings so you know it has nothing in it through which to open when needed.

At Woocommerce page -> Settings, we will have items such as below.

General settings

General Settings section will have the general settings of the store as the address of the shop, currency formatting options, …

General options

  • Regions default: This setting will select the default location of the store so that it is based on the calculation and delivery charges, ..
  • Sales Region: List of countries allowed to order on your website, you can select the country for sale or choose the entire country.
  • Shipping location(s) : Set the countries where you can ship products to.
  • Default Customer Location (address customer default): This section will automatically locate the position of its customers and customer order fill the order, you should select No location by default easy and does not take up memory when processing capacity geoIP reason that customers will automatically be entered into or over.
  • Notification of the store: Turn function which display a message on the entire website.

Currency options

  • Currency: The currency should use available
  • Currency positions: Position display amount with currency symbols
  • Spaces per thousand: Mark separating thousands of units on the product.
  • Decimal: Mark decimal separation unit on the product.
  • Number of decimal units.

Installing Products



  • Unit weight: Select the type of unit weight of the product, it will have an impact on the delivery charge.
  • Unit size: Choose the size unit of the product, it will have an impact on the delivery charge.


Product ratings section is where you select the settings related to the sending of assessment on the product, it has been clearly stated in this section and should you keep reading and then choose which one you need.


Here will be the settings related to the display of products outside websites.

Shop & Product Page

  • Store page: Set the page you want it to do the store page (showing the latest products with paging).
  • Display store page: Optional display type products store page.
  • Display Mode default categories: Optional display type products in the product catalog pages.
  • The type arrangement default : Set product arrangement in the product category page.
  • Add to Cart: Enable Self-directed to the cart after adding products into your cart and AJAX enabled when added to the cart .

Product Image

This is the image size setting of the display to the outside website.

Required cut image (hard-crop): This option means that it will automatically cut your image so that it can upload the correct size for your installation. If not checked, it will be recorded on the installation size without cutting image but will not be 100% right.

  • Photo catalog: Sets the size of the avatar that appears in the product list page. View photo description.
  • Single product image: Set the size of the product image which displays full product detail page. View photo description.
  • Product Thumbnail: Set the size of the thumbnails in the photo gallery section. View photo description.
  • Product Gallery: Check out if you want to use lightbox effect slideshows lightbox when clicking pictures in the photo gallery.

Note: After changing the image size, you have to conduct renewable (rebuild) the image in the gallery to conduct cutting it back. You can reconstruct images through Regenerate Thumbnails.

Warehouse inventory

  • Warehouse Management: Mark if you need to enable product management functions in the warehouse.
  • Time keeping product : Set hold time when a customer orders outstanding, if the time then your order will be canceled. Unit here in minutes, the default is 60 minutes.
  • Info: Options to send notifications when the product going out of stock and when out of stock.
  • Inform recipients : e-mail address of the administrator to receive notification, you can enter multiple emails separated by commas.
  • Expiring threshold: The threshold number of items in stock will receive notifications about products.
  • Out of stock threshold: The threshold number of products in stock will receive notification of all products.
  • Visibility out of stock: Check if you need to hide the product was out of stock.
  • Merchandise display format: Display while the number of products on the product.

Products which can be downloaded

  • File download method: Choose the method of downloading files can be downloaded products. In particular, the method of X-Accel-Redirect / X-sendfile you can understand the internal redirection to hide the original path of the file.
  • Restrict access: Mark if you want to load a new log file. Note that when this option is enabled, you must enable the registry function in Settings -> Overview on WordPress.

The remaining settings

Due to the nature of the remaining settings such as tax settings, payment settings, install forwarding, account settings and set up email to say it long and carefully, so I don’t mention in this article that will have all for each section so you appreciate it more.

Thanks for your reading. If you have any question with this blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will reply to it as soon as possible.

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