Introduce Plugin WooCommerce

We all know the ability of WordPress, it can make any type of website. Thanks to the flexibility of the source code and API library is provided with. This series I will introduce a free plugin support as a simple sales page which was built in website WordPress called Woocommerce. What is Woocommerce plugin? Woocommerce is […]

How To Use Action Hook And Filter Hook

When we need to customizable something in Woocommerce , in addition to editing the template that we have said earlier, we also have another option that is utilizing action hook and filter hook Woocommerce available so that we can do everything. Use Action hook of Woocommerce If you came across two articles above suggestions, you can […]

How to install Quickstart package?

* With PRO versions, you can install to get theme and sample data like our demo site, access all template features. So, you just replace demo content with your content to save development time. After you buy the PRO version, you can log in to the Customer Area and download the file ‘Dummy package (data […]