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Today, you’ll need some helpful WordPress progress bar plugins in the hand-picked list underneath. Try not to miss it!

What are the benefits of installing WordPress Progress Bar Plugins?

There are a few people who search for WordPress progress bar to diminish clients’ distress when the speed of the site is low. What’s more, others need some progress bars laid in the header or footer to tell clients the amount they looked down. This plugin is the best way for you.

Top WordPress Progress Bar Plugins

1. Author WIP Progress Bar

If you are scanning for a cool headway bar that shows the targets, progress, page check or the headway of appearing of site, you cant not disregard Author WIP Progress Bar. For instance, you are a writer and your fans will see the completion improvement of your work. Fascinating, isn’t that so?

Provides Features:

  • Custom action effects and concealing
  • Change the part of progress bar
  • Ability to remember interfaces for the footer of the bar
  • Set the periphery concealing


  • Cool module
  • Essential anyway sensational
  • Stunning look

2. Zoom Progress Bars

Zoom Progress Bars permits you to make and custom your progress bars without any problem. In addition, its interface is responsive, that’ mean your watchers additionally observe on cell phones.

Provides Features:

  • Various kinds of progress bars (vertical, flat, roundabout, and so forth.)
  • SVG and vector realistic
  • Skin manufacturer
  • HTML5 and CSS3 innovation


  • Advanced for Android and Apple gadgets
  • 100% responsive
  • Normally update

3. Progress Bar & Skill Bar

Progress Bar & Skill Bar is another brilliant WordPress progress bar module. You will believe that its a significant gadget to show the progression or level of segments. Likewise, it uses Bootstrap to bring to you a responsive structure.

Provides Features:

  • Two enthusiasm plans
  • Custom name, concealing, establishment, progress concealing,… of the bar
  • Incorporate or oust bar
  • Customizable concealing Scheme


  • Quickly course of action
  • Totally responsive
  • HTML5 support

4. Ultimate Blocks

wordpress progress bar 5

This module energizes you show any Gutenberg impede in your site, including progress bar. Beside it, with Ultimate Blocks, you can incorporate impede in anypart of your site and moreover modify its interface similarly as limits as you wish.

Provides Features:

  • Change the condition of the bar
  • Custome the concealing
  • Change the thickness


  • Free module
  • Impeccable structure
  • Various other extra limits

5. Reading Position Indicator

Reading Position Indicator is a fundamental anyway astonishing WordPress bar you shoud not miss. It licenses you to make vertical bar and custom what it resembles, where it laid, its estimation, impacts, and impressively more.

Provides Features:

  • Ability to modify concealing, secoundary concealing, concealing murkiness, etc.
  • Set the size and thickness
  • Pick position to set
  • Change concealing style (solid/slant/obscure)


  • Welcoming arrangement
  • Work perfectly
  • Significantly aprreciate module

6. PageLoader

PageLoader is profitable, feature rich headway bar module. One of its central focuses is the ability to custom as you requirement, (for instance, establishment, image, picture,… ) Moreover, it in like manner grants you to pick the break close limit when the headway bar puts aside much exertion to stack!

Provides Features:

  • Energy sway for stacking picture or image
  • Ability to change the establishment of the purpose of appearance
  • Live changing
  • Break close limit
  • Customizable stacking text
  • What’s more, that is just a hint of something larger


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Flawless with WordPress multisite

7. Reading Progress Bar

wordpress progress bar 6

Reading Progress Bar will evaluate time when group read an article. It moreover brings to your site a rich and remarkable interfact. Likewise, it has a lot of features and ability to change to suit your necessities.

Provides Features:

  • Show evaluated time and article bit
  • Custom the style of the progression bar
  • State of mind executioner in a specific site
  • Overhauled for Android and IOS devices


  • Impeccable with most of projects
  • Wide file
  • Fit with all themes adnf floating/tenacious menus

8. Worth The Read

wordpress progress bar

Worth The Read will engage you to show the progression bar marker exhibiting the client what far resembled through the present page or post. You can without much of a stretch control the spot and style of the headway bar from clear and quick settings.

Provides Features:

  • Set the game plan
  • Pick where to appear
  • Custom the style (concealing, dinkiness, thickness, frontal region and that is only the start)
  • Set the time obligation


  • Crucial yet basic features
  • Flexible CSS


We have proposed for you some valuable WordPress progress bar plugins which may assist you with embellishing your site and raise clients’ compassion level to your page. We trust this rundown will assist you with picking the most appropriate one. What’s more, remember to impart your insight with us in the wake of encountering. On the off chance that you are scanning for some decent themes, investigate our free WordPress themes!

Thanks for spending time on this post. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issue!

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