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Controlling the delivery process is never an easy job, especially when you are running an online business. Therefore, we have a collection of the best Woocommerce Delivery plugin to help you do this job well without wasting much time and effort. Let’s take a look!

Why should you use Woocommerce Delivery Plugin?

When you use the Woocommerce Delivery plugin, you will get a wide range of valuable benefits including:

  • Select a delivery or pickup date and time at checkout
  • Reserve and then shop feature
  • Set a maximum number of orders per day and time slot
  • Blockout holidays and closed periods
  • Fast and responsive plugin
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Flexible terminology
  • Developer Friendly

Top Woocommerce Delivery Plugin

1. WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Notes

This Woocommerce Delivery plugin allows you to print out delivery invoices and notes for Woocommerce orders, as well as editing name of your store, address, etc. In addition, logged in customers can print their orders on the order screen’s button.

Provided options

  • Print in Bulk delivery notes and invoices
  • Orders can be printed by customers
  • Provide a print link from Customer Emails
  • Able to insert company address, information, and logo to delivery note and invoice
  • Straightforward invoice numbering
  • Sequential order numbers with refund system of Woocommerce supported
  • and more.

2. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

With amazing featured provided, Woocommerce Delivery plugin developed from Tyche team allows you to ship orders to customers on a particular date, which makes your customers satisfied about customer service as well as decrease about 50 percent of cart abandonment. Besides, customers can also choose the date they want to be delivered on the checkout page.

 Provided options:

  • Set minimum delivery time in hours
  • Set delivery date field labels
  • Virtual/featured products can be disabled delivery
  • and more.


  • Mark holidays on Calendar if you don’t provide delivery service on those days.

3. Woocommerce order delivery or pickup with date and time

This is another Woocommerce Delivery plugin for your customers to choose time and date for delivering through a widget in frontend for Woocommerce orders.

Provided options:

  • Set number of day/delivery hours/pickup hours
  • Set minimum time to get delivered
  • Automatic shipping by order type selection
  • Show on email the delivery/pickup date time
  • Show delivery or pickup date and time on email
  • Get delivery and pick up data from admin order detail page.
  • and more.

4. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

An interesting WordPress Woocommerce Shipping plugin which helps you to create rules for deciding a free shipping rate which will be available for clients. You will have full control of the shipping rates

Provided options:

  • Support multiple condition “or” and “and” inside per group with specific shipping rate


  • Simple to setup.

5. Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce

This is an amazing shipping Woocommerce plugin to figure out shipping fee based on weight or total of the shopping cart. This plugin is flexible, simple to use and time-saving for controlling shipping cost without paying much time and effort.

Provided options: 

  • Provide unlimited cost rules and shipping
  • Count shipping fee based on the total cart or weight of cart
  • Set max and min value for total cart/weight of cart
  • Add costs based on cart weight/total at the same time
  • Support Polylang, WPML
  • Free shipping override
  • CSV Import
  • and more.

6. Woocommerce Delivery Date

By using this Woocommerce Delivery plugin, you are able to choose the delivery date for a specific order from the checkout page. Clients can choose their favorite date and time after placing orders.

Provided options:

  • Visible delivery date of customers to administrator site when they view orders in section “Custom Fields”
  • Dutch, English, German supported
  • Choose 2 categories where the plugin activated
  • and more.


It would be great if this collection of Woocommerce Delivery plugins will be useful for you. Besides, don’t forget to visit our great free WordPress themes for more amazing designs for your WordPress site!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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