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A good Woocommerce Quantity plugin will help you manage your online store better!

Do you want to offer your customers an attractive price according to the quantity of product that they want to buy? Then this collection of the best Woocommerce Quantity plugin will help you do the job effortlessly! Along with each plugin will be the detail information and highlights. Don’t miss anything which might be very useful for your site. Let’s give it a look now!

1. WooCommerce Product Bundles


An easy to use Woocommerce Quantity plugin that offers you with several kinds of product with a specific quantity which has been pre-defined. This amazing plugin provides your customers awesome deals based on product quantity they buy, then help your store increase sales. When a customer changes any product’s quantity, bundle price will be changed, too.

Provided features:

  • Support an intelligent price calculation
  • Set item quantity
  • Drag and drop to re-arrange
  • Figure automatically regular and sale price
  • WPML integration
  • Downloadable/Virtual bundle
  • and more.


  • Popular languages supported
  • Good functionality
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Well-maintained.

2. Change Quantity on Checkout for WooCommerce


The Woocommerce Quantity plugin that permits your clients to change item quantity and delete items from the standard checkout page of Woocommerce.

Provided features:

  • Automatic update price amount when customers change the quantity


  • Great support.

3. WooCommerce Max Quantity


A straightforward Woocommerce Quantity plugin which helps you set a maximum limit for the number of items that can be added to cart. It can be applied for any product per an order.

Provided features:

  • The universal limit for all items
  • Set different limit for a particular product – this will be overridden to universal limit
  • Users don’t need to login to use the features
  • and more.


  • Popular translations supported
  • Simple to use
  • Well-documented
  • Easy and functional.

4. Woocommerce Minimum and Maximum Quantity

This is a great plugin for setting maximum and minimum quantity for your Woocommerce store. This plugin allows you to disable or enable the maximum/minimum purchase feature of a particular item in each product.

Provided features:

  • Have full control of the minimum/maximum limits for each product.


  • Fill the basic functionality of Woocommerce
  • Work easily
  • Easy to configure and install.

5. WooCommerce Fixed Quantity


Despite using the incremental quantity of default Woocommerce support, if you want to sell the fixed quantity, this Woocommerce Quantity plugin will be a good choice for you. This plugin will keep users away from buying products with the quantity which is not listed.

Provided features:

  • Adding exact price/discount directly when you define the list of fixed quantity.


  • Good support.

6. Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce


The Min/Max Woocommerce Quantity plugin supports you to set up the limit of product price in order or in groups, limit for product quantity/variations. In addition, you can add item variation and item to a group.

Provided features:

  • Limit quantity of products/product variations
  • Limit quantity/cost for items in the cart.


  • Integrate perfectly with Woocommerce functionality and extend it well
  • Good and responsive support.


We hope this collection of Woocommerce Quantity plugin has enough information for you to make a decision which one to use. Don’t forget to visit our Free Woocommerce themes

Thank you so much for reading. Please contact us here or leaving a comment below if you have any question, we will respond as soon as possible!





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