Debug Shipping Mode

You access to the WooCommerce -> System Status -> Tools and check the correction mode of delivery methods.


Setup Shipping Zone (Zone shipping)

If you want to set up shipping costs, you must set the Shipping Zone before. To set up your shipping zone WooCommerce -> Forwarding and Shipping Zones selected, then press Add shipping zone.

Then we enter the region needs more.

Adding delivery method for each area

Above we have created the transport sector then and now the rest is set delivery method for each area. To add delivery methods for the area, click on the plus button next to the mode of transport.

In this section we have 3 default shipping method is:

  • Flat Rate: Setup conventional shipping.
  • Free Shipping :Allow free delivery.
  • Local Pickup : Client to take the store to pick up goods. This is simply a notice for not only what function you .

You can add multiple delivery methods in a shipping zone, just click the plus button and when an area you set up multiple methods of delivery, the payment page will show the option for the customer  to choose.

Removing shipping methods from zones

To remove a shipping method from a zone, view the zone via WooCommerce > Shipping > Shipping Zones > Name of your zone, then find the method in the list and hover over it to see the list of actions you can perform:

Configure delivery methods

To configuration you can click directly on the name of the method of delivery in shipping zone list.

Setup Flat Rate

The rate of this tax calculation you can:

  • Setup a fixed delivery charge
  • Setup shipping costs based on the number of products.
  • Setup shipping charges based on percentage of the total value of orders.

Setup free delivery

Free feature set available delivery WooCommerce you can set free delivery when:

  • Customers use discount code / coupon.
  • The total amount with a minimum purchase of fixed norms.
  • The total minimum amount order and use a coupon attached.
  • The total minimum amount order a coupon OR used together.

If you want to set free more advanced delivery as more different conditions to apply for free delivery then please install plugin WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping.

Your installed on WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Advanced and click the Add button Free Shipping Method Free Shipping and add. You can tick the Hide other shipping methods khi free shipping is available to hide the other delivery method if orders qualify for free shipping without a made code below.

Creating add pages for free shipping method, you have two main components setup condition and the setting method name will show out.

The condition it has 4 types of reference are:

  • Equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Greater or equal to
  • Less or equal to

If you want to add more conditions, then click the plus sign next to it.

If you want to bypass OR then press add ‘Or’ group immediately below it.

Hide other delivery methods using free delivery

NOTE : Don’t need to add if you have installed the plugin WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping with tick.

If a certain area had free delivery, had prepared the default rate remains visible order delivery rate method floors, this is unnecessary.

To hide the system other delivery method when customer orders qualify for freeshipping use, you insert the following code in your theme’s functions.php is used(Layout> Edit > functions.php ):
01     functionmy_hide_shipping_when_free_is_available( $rates) {
02          $free= array();
03                         foreach( $rates as$rate_id=> $rate) {
04                                           if( 'free_shipping'=== $rate->method_id ) {
05                        $free[ $rate_id] = $rate;
06                        break;
07                 }
08         }
09                       return! empty( $free) ? $free: $rates;
10     }
11     add_filter('woo_package_rates','my_hide_shipping_when_free_is_available',100);

If you use the code above which is unusable then you  click here to use the code in line with WooCommerce version you are using.

Add multiple rate floor

A typical case for using multiple rates on WooCommerce floor that we want to add express delivery and standard delivery.

Use the type of delivery (Shipping Class)

This feature of WooCommerce help us create a group forms its own delivery and use it for some special products.

First you access WooCommerce > Shipping > Shipping Classes to shipping class.

You press the Add  Shipping Class button to start creating  and name and save the class.

Then you fix the product should be applied to this class by setting up in the delivery of the product.

Finally, you go again to the shipping rate zones and fixing the floor to set the cost for the class.

Part type spreadsheet will have 2 options:

  • Per Order:meaning the highest shipping class charge is used once for the order.
  • Per Class: its rate is assessed for every product purchased with this class

Charge shipping based on weight

Default WooCommerce support we set the volume of the product in Logistic while adding the product.

But this is no support WooCommerce setup shipping rates based on the parameters that we have to use the plugin support to be able to calculate shipping costs based on the volume of products.If you want free, you can use the plugin WooCommerce Shipping Weight Based but only supports the delivery charge based on volume, not support the size.After installing the plugin, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Logistics -> Weight Based to start setting.


Part of this means you will add the charge off forwarding rules depending on the circumstances . For example if domestic goods ship then other volume pricing, other foreign countries will count . Or if the total volume of orders less than or more than a certain number will charge more.

Rules Settings

This section is to rename the currently selected rule and the option to apply tax or not.


Conditions for application of the current rules . You can set this rule to use national or rules only apply on the total volume of orders or the total value of the order . For example, if customers buy a lot cheaper then such charge.


This is the important part, is where you set up shipping rates based on the volume of products. In this there is the following options:

  • Base Cost:  fixed fee when shipping based on weight. For example, you fill the base cost is 5000 then 5000 plus shipping charges for the percentage based on weight of the order. If you do not want to add a fixed price, leave this section blank.
  • Weight Rate: The rate shipping charges by weight.


Setup minimum and maximum charges for the delivery charge by weight.


In this article you already know the most about how to set up shipping in WooCommerce then and besides I also have instructions on how to set up shipping based on weight or size of product , as well as ship-based surcharge each provincial areas with powerful features shipping zone.

Thanks for your reading. If you have any question with this blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will reply to it as soon as possible.

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