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In addition to a simple product that we will use frequently to more conventional types of products it also supports an additional Woocommerce product types anymore that you will often find in the sales professional website, which is the product attribute.

For example, you have the products are T-shirts and customers can choose when ordering information such as color, size and other information to choose the product that’s attributes. In Woocommerce, you can set up a product with multiple properties, then it displays for visitors to the outside or buying options and it also supports the product you are set individually for each attribute.

Adding choice of type attribute

Product attributes selected type will have a different point is that we can enter different prices for each property, and customers can choose to buy the type they want. Like when we buy clothes online will be the selection of colors, sizes.

Then we go to the product -> Attributes and type attribute create selection.

Next is to delete or create new products to add attributes. The data product, select the product variation.

Next part of attributes , you add the attribute type selected just added, remember add the attribute value to use for this product and check the section for many variations.

Next, you are out the variations and add variations of this product.

Then you can set the details of each product variant that has been supported by the attribute. Each variation you click on it to set images, prices and quantities in stock, … and if you want to add more variations you add variation button.

You can press the button add variation and do the same with other variations that you want.

Then saving and updating variant products. The results which we have:

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