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Setting Up the Sandbox

In Woocommerce, Sandbox mode means testing for the developer / programmer, you can create an account with the amount available Sandbox in which to conduct experiments on its website.

When using this mode in Woocommerce, you will be paid to your PayPal account and your own will using PayPal Sandbox account to pay , everything will proceed normally, but the other will be no money to the primary account.

To create Sandbox account, you access the site    and select Login . After logging is complete, select Dashboard in the menu.

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

Then select the Accounts.

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

Press the Account button to create a new sandbox account in Woocommerce.

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

In here,  you enter your PayPal account information such as country, type of account, password, account name, the amount available in the account, ….

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

After creating an account you will see your sandbox displayed in the Accounts section.

Now go back to your website, on Woocommerce -> Settings -> Billing -> PayPal and enter your PayPal account to receive money, and check the Turn testing Paypal through sandbox.

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

Uncheck the sandbox mode if you need to pay an official.

If you want to pay official , you can uncheck the sandbox mode.

PayPal Advanced Setup

PayPal Advanced settings will require you to have a PayPal account in order to add some Business support functions such as creating a PayPal invoice, delivery note information in PayPal, refunds,….

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