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Are you looking to expand your WordPress and provide it with more features that you can use to interact with your visitors or improve its overall performance and design?

Take a look at a list that we’ve compiled to provide you with suggestions on how to do just that:

1. WP Rocket

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WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin on the market. It allows you to instantly improve your WordPress website speed and performance with no technical skills required.

What is caching? Caching allows your WordPress site to skip a lot of steps. Instead of going through the whole page generation process every time, your caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and then serves that cached version to every subsequent user.

It automatically turns on recommended WordPress caching settings like gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading. You can also turn on optional features like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS pre-fetching, minification, and more to further improve page load times.

Most importantly, WP Rocket doesn’t wait for someone to request a page to save it in the cache. It automatically crawls and builds your website cache, which results in an instant performance boost.

WP Rocket also offers Imagify, a free image optimization service to help you speed up your website even further.

This is by far the most accessible and most beginner-friendly caching plugin. The only downside is that it’s paid only.

  • Free version: Not available
  • Pro version: (pricing starts from $49/year)

*Noted alternative:
W3 Total Cache.

2. LiveChat

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Would you like to chat with your visitors to boost your sales and resolve client concerns? Then you’ll be needing to set up a chat software on your WordPress website! Interacting with potential customers online helps to build a connection and increase online business revenues.

LiveChat Inc is the best live chat support software for businesses and e-commerce websites. It is super easy to use and has tons of customization options. It comes with a mobile app so that you can provide real-time support.

It integrates with your existing support software, CRM, email marketing, and other tools. Most importantly, it loads fast and offers a great user experience.

The team behind LiveChat also created, which is an AI-powered chatbot software. You can use it in combination with LiveChat to ensure your users always get the fastest response with the help of AI + human.

This WordPress plugin allows you to integrate your site with their solution quickly. The chat window is also friendly and straightforward. But do know that the pricing could vary based on the number of agents in your team.

LiveChat greets people with a nice chat box at the bottom of the page on the customer side. That box always remains in sight and can be accessed with just a single click. Then, after the conversation is finished, your customers can leave feedback and grade their experience with your agent. They can also give you a shout-out on social media through the share buttons embedded in the chatbox itself.

  • Free Version: Demo available.
  • Paid Version: Premium plans start at $16/month for a single user.


*Noted Alternative: Zendesk is something that you can use just as well and with equal performance.

3. Yoast SEO

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Yoast SEO remains supreme as the Top WordPress SEO plugin available out there. Why is SEO important? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. With higher SEO rankings, you’ll be attracting more visitors to your websites!

It lets you easily add SEO titles and descriptions to all posts and pages on your website. You can also use it to add Open Graph metadata and social media images to your articles. It automatically generates an XML sitemap for all your website content, making it easier for search engines to crawl your website. It also helps you easily import your SEO data if you have been using another SEO plugin.

What’s more is that Yoast SEO has its website with premium support options, a thriving community in the forum section, an informative blog to learn more about SEO, and SEO courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users alike!

You can also gain access to Yoast SEO premium from that website, which offers more advanced features like keyword optimization.

The premium plugin sells for $89 per site, making it a desirable deal for anyone. However, those on a budget still receive the free plugin, which beats out most other SEO WordPress plugins by a long shot.

There are various other SEO plugins that you can take a look at, though our suggestion remains that you should be taking a look at Yoast SEO first and foremost!

*Note: Remember, you only need one WordPress SEO plugin on your site.

  • Free version: Available
  • Pro version: $89 per website

4. Akismet

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Akismet is a tool developed by Automattic, made to block spam comments automatically. Every day, we get spammed by either promotional links, irrelevant stories, malicious content, or simply by mistake. And it’s tough to filter them all by yourself, especially if you own a business that gets hundreds of comments per day.

The plugin is good not only for automation but also for security purposes since it won’t allow malicious or problematic content published on your site.

Akismet also checks all your contact form submissions against their global database of spam, so you’ll be sure only the good and relevant information gets to you. The plugin is mandatory for blog and business owners who receive at least tens of comments daily.

The great thing about it is that you don’t have to do anything more to it other than simply installing the plugin on your site. The daily filtering and spam prevention all happen on autopilot.

  • Free version: Available
  • Pro version: (pricing starts from $10/month)

5. Contact form 7

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Contact Form 7 creates simple and effective contact forms for your WordPress. Given that all of us need an easy way to connect with people, it’s not surprising to see this plugin on our list. The plugin was developed by Takayuki Miyoshi and can handle multiple contact forms on the same site; it also integrates Akismet spam filtering and lets you customize the styling and fields you want to use in the form. The plugin provides CAPTCHA and Ajax submitting.

Contact form 7 is one of the plugins that absolutely everyone can use, whether you’re running a personal blog or having a business you want to monetize. Why? Because it’s free, easy to configure, and efficient.

  • Free version: Available
  • Pro version: Not available

*Noted Alternative: WPforms is easy to use and expanded with features you can use to manage your contact forms without using a developer. Its premium plans can be costly, and that is why Contact Form 7 is a better alternative.


When using WordPress, there are many plugins available at the disposal of someone looking to take their website to the next level, and these are just a few of them, albeit some of the more popular and well-used ones.

We hope that our list has provided you with some helpful information and suggestions that you can use to improve your WordPress further. While you are at it, why don’t you take a look at our Free WordPress Themes?

And if you are looking to get set up with a web hosting service, please look at these Cloud SSD WordPress Hosting plans!

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