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A big mistake that a lot of people make when they look to sell on Amazon for the first time if they think that they can sell anything on there, but the fact is this simply isn’t true. On Amazon there are some categories that are open to anybody and in fact these are some of the biggest categories this includes home and garden electronics and computers and sports and outdoors (this does not apply to shopify stores).

You can make a lot of money with these unrestricted categories and in fact I do recommend that beginners start out with these categories.

However, some of the biggest categories require approval to sell them: these include health of beauty, clothing and grocery items. In the selling world we refer to getting approval to sell in these categories as having the categories be “ungated”, because an effect Amazon and Gates those categories so that you can sell those items through your Amazon account. There are four main reasons why these categories have been gated by Amazon.

One of them is that they want to keep your site looking professional and clean, this is one of the major reasons that clothing has been restricted. Second reason is trying to minimize counterfeit items on their website, this is why watches have been restricted. Thirdly, they have health and safety concerns and this is why grocery items have been restricted. And finally, they have strict quality control to ensure that the customer gets high-quality legitimate products and this is a very big reason why collectibles have been restricted and have very strict requirements if you want to sell in them.

Each restricted category has their own approval process, but some of them are very similar to each other. For each category that you’re going to want to sell in, you’re going to need to submit an application. In this article, I’m going to tell you which categories are restricted and what you need to do to become ungated in them.

The following categories have a very similar application process: clothing and accessories, shoes handbags and sunglasses, travel bags & travel accessories, jewellery, sexual wellness, watches.

Firstly, to sell these categories, you’re going to need a professional seller account. This costs $39.99 a month and has a one month free trial to start.

Secondly, you need to read over what is it isn’t allowed to be sold within these individual categories, for example if you want to sell watches, you cannot sell second-hand watches, you will also need to read over their listing policies, so that when you get engated in this category, you make sure that you list items according to the specifications and your account needs to meet seller seller performance targets if you aren’t a new seller.

This means you need less than 1% order defect rate; a pre fulfillment cancel rate of less than 2.5 percent and less than 4% late shipment rate.

Next you’re going to need to fill out a form which is going to ask you different questions about the items that you’re selling. This is to ensure that you’re not selling items that are restricted within that category, such as planning to sell second hand watches and that form they’ll often ask you additional details about your business, such as the different quantities that you are planning to sell and also what type of brands that you’re looking to sell. In that form they usually ask you different questions about your business, such as how many units that you want to sell and the types of brands that you’re looking to sell as well and.

Here is an important tip: If they ask you how many units that you want to sell, the minimum amount that you can put down is one to five do not put down one to five if you do this your rejection rate is going to go way up (typically only the top shopify stores can get away with it)

Next, you need to agree to the image requirements and these are very important and I’ll go over them in a minute. An important note about selling jewelry is that if you’re looking to sell fine jewelry, you’re going to need to submit a separate application and it’s going to have a four hundred and ninety nine dollar non-refundable fee, so do not do this flippantly.

Second, for sexual wellness they’re going to make you upload your images rather than just agree to their image requirements – the very obvious reasons they’re very careful about the types of images for these products on their side.

On to the extremely important image requirements that you need to agree to: Amazon have very strict requirements when it comes to your main image, when you upload images for your products you must upload an image that is going to act as your main image and it needs to meet these specifications.

This is because your main image is going to be a thumbnail image and it’s going to be the first image that your customers see your, other images do not have to meet these requirements and this is very important for Amazon, because it helps them maintain the clean professional look of their website and to be honest with you it definitely does improve the customer experience.

It is extremely important in that you know what these requirements are and they are :

  1. It must accurately represent the product and it must only show the product, it has to have minimal to no cropping, so if you’re selling a t-shirt – only show the t-shirt on the image – do not show it on a mannequin and don’t include any accessories that are not included, because this might confuse the customer as to what they’re going to get. You are also not allowed to show an illustration of the product, it must be the product.
  2. It must be on a pure white background.
  3. No watermarks or ticks are allowed.
  4. It must fill 85% or more of the image.
  5. The image needs to be at least 1000 pixels high or 1000 pixels wide, the other side can be 500 pixels. So the minimum requirement would be that you have an image that is, say, a thousand pixels wide and 500 pixels high or a thousand pixels high, but 500 pixels wide. This is so that the customer can use the zoom function which has been proven to increase sales.
  6. The image must be either a jpg a tiff or gif. They actually preferred jpg, so I would suggest you send them that – do not send a PNG photo.
  7. The photo needs to be in focus.
  8. If the product is propped up with something, like a model, then the product should be very clearly visible, so if you’re using a model they should be standing up.
  9. Nudity is not allowed.

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