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Are you looking for a WordPress Footnotes Plugin to add footnotes at the bottom of your site to help your reader clarify any info mentioned in the blog? You are in the right place. In order to meet your demand, we bring you this article to help you manage your site easily.

Why should you use WordPress Footnotes Plugin?

The WordPress footnotes plugins on this list are great options to easily and effectively add footnotes to your WordPress site. All of these plugins are customizable, affordable, and very user-friendly. Footnotes can include any type of content to help clarify the information on the page, such as an image or video.

Top WordPress Footnotes Plugin

1. Easy Footnotes

Essential Footnotes WordPress module is a direct yet successful WP module in the outline of WordPress investigate modules. This module is utilized to join references all through your WordPress posts by utilizing the shortcode. Clients can on a very basic level tap on a publication to see the substance, without peering down to the base of the page. In addition, the module is direct and simple to set up with adaptable different choices.

Provided features:

  • Use shortcodes to join talks
  • Mastermind with the qTip2 jQuery
  • Show number of the article inside the post
  • Show full publication content underneath the post


  • Customary
  • Basic
  • Direct

2. Modern Footnote 

Present day Footnote is another shocking and pivotal WordPress Footnotes Plugin we need to decide in this outline. This module is advanced for work zone correspondingly concerning cell phones. You can utilize a reference in your post by utilizing the examination picture in the WordPress distribution administrator. Each investigation will have a get-together number related with it. Henceforth, you can re-attempt the reference and assembling number styles with no issue.

Provided features:

  • Use shortcodes to join publications
  • Therefore number each references constantly
  • Streamlined for work district and adaptable
  • Do direct changes with the assistance of custom CSS decisions


  • Simple to utilize
  • Adaptable neighborly
  • Great

3. CM Footnotes

Reference module is an inconceivable WP module that licenses you to make different evaluates to your post and pages. In addition, the module underpins including endnotes, references, references, list notes, pictures, and other media. It additionally permits clients to add examinations to any page or post in WordPress, correspondingly as absolutely change them. With this module, you can import references between various complaints and liberally more.

Provided features:

  • Add an article to each page or post
  • Re-attempt the article style and structure
  • It incorporates a patch up examination record page
  • Award making an information base of investigations for picked terms


  • Essentially flexible
  • Simple to utilize
  • Clear

4. footnotes

Examinations is an in all cases game-plan that offers highlights to show a typically made synopsis of references on your WordPress post or page. This module goes with some default settings for references and also gives the client power over how he needs to show the examinations.

Provided features:

  • Absolutely customizable footnotes shortcode
  • Pick, where your references are showed up
  • Add custom CSS to style the appearance
  • Responsive Reference Container
  • Adjusted numbering of your footnotes
  • Examine a quick overview of pictures to address your footnotes


  • Simple to utilize
  • Remarkably flexible
  • Faultless and able

5. Inline Footnotes

Inline Footnote is a pro module which is utilized to add inline references to the post substance of your online business page. There are different shortcode settings present in this module which will assist you with doing fundamental changes in the reference. The module believes talks to be found in the substance, so clients don’t need to look to the base of the page for the substance.

Provided features:

  • Little numbers will show up in the post content
  • You can change the foundation shade of examinations
  • References to be found in the substance right to it
  • Awards you to change the substance disguising


  • Productive
  • Responsive
  • Incomprehensible module

6. Better Footnotes

Better Footnotes is an exuberant and adaptable course of action that furnishes your article’s perusers with a lively reference and relationship with extra data. It lets you fuse studies articles enough and successfully utilizing the visual manager or WordPress shortcodes. Also, simple to utilize, adaptable, and practical with any WordPress subject are some different features of this module.

Provided features:

  • Extraordinary and flexible execution
  • Visual chief gets the chance to consolidate references
  • Principal shortcodes to consolidate or list references
  • Vivified talks exploring influence, which can be weakened


  • Simple to utilize
  • Adaptable
  • Beautiful

7. Civil Footnotes

Ordinary Footnotes is a WordPress module for including references your blog. It parses your posts for notes incorporated by ((twofold area)), by then confines that parenthesized text into a reference list near the consummation of the post. There are different reactions for overseeing references inside your WordPress site, in any case Civil Footnotes separates itself from the rest with an unmistakable, possible plain substance semantic structure.

Provided features:

  • Basic, critical plain substance sentence structure
  • A Markdown boss, or the praiseworthy distribution chief module
  • Taken from the blog Daring Fireball
  • The advancement of a title ascribe to the scrutinize reference in the substance


  • Simple to utilize
  • Inconceivable help
  • Viable

8. wp-noteup

WP NoteUp is a novel WordPress module since it licenses clients to fuse references while modifying pages. Clients can recall notes while altering any post or page for their WordPress site. Moreover, the module awards clients to consolidate pictures, text, hyperlinks, and even more comparably as style the relationship of the references.

Provided features:

  • Consolidate references while making and changing posts
  • Capacity to consolidate notes, pictures, accounts, and other media to post/page
  • Decision to modify the investigation style and affiliation


  • Impossible help
  • Outstanding
  • Astounding

9. Footnotes Made Easy

References Made Easy is a direct, in any case dazzling, technique for including evaluates into your posts and pages. It licenses you to just embed references by strategies for twofold alcove, combine unclear examinations, cover talks on unequivocal page types, different plan choices, and substantially more critical highlights.

Provided features:

  • Direct reference thought through twofold alcoves
  • Join ambiguous notes
  • Answer for paginated posts
  • Cover Footnotes on unequivocal page types
  • Decision to show ‘astounding’ tooltips utilizing jQuery
  • Piles of strategy alternatives


  • Simple to set up
  • Obliging
  • Surprising

10. Simple Footnotes

Direct references is an easy to use module that awards clients to advantageously add talks to their WordPress site. You can make dazzling yet direct examinations by utilizing a shortcode. Besides, the module looks after pagination, has obliging help, and is an issue free encounter for all clients.

Provided features:

  • Clarify, stunning investigations on your site
  • Utilize the [ref] shortcode and the module deal with the rest.
  • Solid shortcode
  • Inconvenience free perception for all clients


  • clear
  • Great
  • Wonderful module

11. Advanced Footnotes

Progressed Footnotes lets you join publications articles through shortcodes. It is incomprehensibly mobile, subsequently it may be executed regarding any matter. With its inner cutoff points, you can in like way execute Advanced Footnotes on your own subject in any structure you like.

Provided features:

  • Direct and flexible execution
  • Acknowledged WYSIWYG proofreader button
  • References can be acknowledged with shortcode or work
  • Vivified scroll influence (can be crippled)
  • Lightweight CSS (can be crippled)
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Adequately alterable interface choices


  • Simple to utilize
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight

12. Simple Footnotes Editor Button

This module licenses you to fuse clear, rich examinations on your site. It makes it staggeringly easy to make those investigations, leaving nothing to show the site’s editors. This is a dumbfounding module you should attempt once for the term of standard every day presence. Look at it!

Provided features:

  • No persuading inspiration to clarify shortcodes or intriguing language structures
  • It adds a catch to the TinyMCE editorial manager toolbar in the following fragment
  • Easy to make those references
  • Awesome shortcode


  • Sensible
  • Bewildering
  • Direct


WordPress Footnotes Plugin puts you in complete control of your site. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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