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WordPress Timeline Plugin will be nice for you to show the history of your company or even better to create a timeline for your blog posts and display them in a unique way!

In this article, we’ll show you the best WordPress Timeline Plugin that can help you create a timeline without any coding skills needed. These plugins have a ton of features such as responsive design, Easy Customizations, Smooth and Clean Timeline Navigation, and so on. Let’s discover them more.

Timeline Express

On the off chance that you need a module to join a timetable your site, Timeline Express is striking among various WordPress Timeline Plugin for you. In any case, this module licenses you to add a vertical course of capacities to your site too. Moreover, it in like way has shortcode choices to ease you with mixing it on your site. Look at it!

Given Features:

  • Simple to utilize shortcode to put the course of limits any spot
  • Responsive courses of limits, that look stunning on all contraptions
  • Cross-program attempted, and versatile neighborly
  • Hair-raising CSS3 degrees of progress
  • Show the game-plan disclosure bundle length
  • Spread the date of the introduction on the course of cutoff points


  • Shortcode
  • Flexible
  • Incredible module

Event Timeline

Limit Timeline is a WordPress plan module that can perfectly show quite far related with your relationship in a course of cutoff points. It is made with a get-together of rich highlights for your WordPress site. Similarly, it in like way draws in you to post your course of cutoff points with a blog or as single-sided also add your records through stories, pictures, and slideshows on your arrangement.

Given Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • 18 Beautiful center interests
  • Huge number of layers with video
  • Sound Post Format Support
  • The module can show up in different sorts of impacts
  • Make Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Amazing number of plans


  • Head shortcode
  • Responsive
  • Brilliant help

Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline is a WordPress plan module that can be best fitting for your site to make timelines. With this module introduced, you’ll have the decision to add vertical and even courses of capacities to your WordPress site to show key dates in your game plan of experiences or the certain point of view on your affiliation.

Given Features:

  • Gutenberg block Timeline
  • Decreased Timeline
  • Clean Layout
  • Level Roadmap Timeline
  • Progressed Design and Optimized Code
  • Pick cool pictures near stories
  • Pick story foundation custom tones
  • Show year circle custom tone


  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Reasonable module
  • Vast

Timeline and History slider

This module goes with all the highlights you require to make a basic course of action, yet may require a trace of health concerning utilizing WordPress. Additionally, it can besides be utilized to create horizontal courses of cutoff points. Suitably, you can show the complete of your abilities and dates with this level arrangement other than.

Given Features:

  • Added Gutenberg hinder keep
  • Course of cutoff points Plugin for WordPress
  • Contact empowered Navigation
  • Absolutely responsive. Scales with its compartment
  • Out and out open with paralyze key course
  • Given shortcode and strategy code


  • Simple to add and show
  • Responsive
  • Shortcode

Post Timeline

To assist you with making a faultless timetable for your website, Post Timeline can be immensely advantageous for you. You can make perpetual vertical arrangements with the assistance of this plugin. Of course, you can even separate each timetable by approach and set various tones for each strategy post.

Given Features:

  • Boundless free plans
  • Mind blowing Side Navigation with Smooth Animation
  • Auto Create Navigation from Tags
  • Set Color for every Timeline Post
  • Agent Icon for every Timeline Post
  • Select Date for every Timeline Post
  • Plan Separate Page URL
  • Dissipate Category and Tags


  • Superb Timeline Page
  • Stunning help
  • Novel

Elementor Timeline Widget Addon

In the event that you beginning at now use the Elementor module on your site, this addon will be ideal for you to make a timetable for your site. It will help you with exhibiting your story or life history in an exact and bewildering way. In like way, this module furthermore permits you to add pictures to your timetable story which can be unfathomably important in including your course of cutoff points.

Given Features:

  • 3 strategy plans
  • Essentially oversee plan tones
  • Add story date/year
  • Direct typography of story title
  • Add a picture inside your strategy story
  • Sponsorship Elementor Inline changing part


  • Incredible module
  • Reliable
  • Wonderful

Everest Timeline Lite

In the event that you need a wide degree of plan decisions for each timetable you scatter on your WordPress site, this general respected module has a good confirmation of plans for you to work with. Additionally as the five-star rating from clients, Everest Timeline gives you a decision of executing level or vertical courses of capacities to engage your propensities.

Given Features:

  • Make never-ending course of cutoff points
  • Add unending course of cutoff points plan in a particular page
  • Show post from every conceivable watchful course of action or classes
  • Show posts related with a specific status
  • 4 express intends to show the limit
  • 2 pre-figured out one side strategy plans


  • Responsive
  • Undeniable styling choices
  • Fantastic

Timeline Module for Beaver Builder

This is a free module that adds the module for adding a course of capacities to your Beaver Builder module. With this module, you can without a truly essential stretch segment your affiliation history and its engaging or once-over your own accomplishments as a course of cutoff points.

Given Features:

  • Radiant courses of limits regarding WordPress
  • Responsive and versatile arranged courses of cutoff points
  • Show and Hide choices for Date
  • On or OFF choices for Connectors
  • Adaptable dates, selector, and connector
  • A few typography choices for title, portrayal
  • Change energy impacts, length, delay


  • Responsive
  • Great
  • Bewildering


What do you think about this collection of WordPress Timeline Plugin? We hope that it is useful for you and your site. Besides, you can go to free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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