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To website interface more abundant, convenient for navigation by users certainly can not use the widget to insert into sidebar of interface.  In WooCommerce, it includes some ineteresting widget and useful  that if you apply it flexibly will be able to display products or related functions to better store.

How to use list widget

How to use widget  is like using other widgets such as you drag it to the sidebar of theme to display.

Setup in Layout -> Widget

List widget of Woocommerce

  •  WooCommerce Cart – Display mini cart, when adding products it lists the products in the cart.
  • WooCommerce Layered Nav – You should understand simply filter products by attributes in products containing variants. This widget can only be displayed in the shop (store the product page).
  • WooCommerce Layered Nav Filters – Display the attributes that you’re looking at a product filtration with Layered Nav widget, the aim is for customers to know what they’re filtering attributes to quit it.
  • WooCommerce Price Filter –Display a slide chooses to see product price.
  • WooCommerce Product Categories –Display lists of product categories included in the website.
  • WooCommerce Products – Displays a list of products in the store, you can optionally display the number of products, displayoutstanding product, display discounted product and arrange display (according time, random, selling and prices).
  • WooCommerce Product Search – Display search box and search product .
  • WooCommerce Product Tags – Display product keyword cloud format.
  • Woocommerce Recent Reviews –Display the reviews of newest product, together the number of the star rating.
  • WooCommerce Recent Viewd – Display products which were customers browsing.
  • WooCommerce Top Raterd Products – List of products which are more user-reviews best.

Guidance on some typical widget

Instructions layered products of WooCommerce

First you should remember that this widget is only displayed when you view the store page, the remaining pages will not display the page includes product catalog and product keywords. You add it to any sidebar which will display in the store page.

When you open this widget option, we have some options:

  • Title: This display title of widget at outside.
  • Attributes: Select attributes to filter the product, it displays the attributes of the slug, there is no sign here.
  • Display type: Options displaying directions, usually used list will look better..
  • Type query:
    • AND: Display only products with attributes match the your options.
    • OR: display products have more or a attribute that you are choosing.

Woocommerce product

This widget is usually used because it supports multiple ways of displaying products very well (except watch product by category or keyword).


  • Title: The title of the widget display outside interface.
  • Number of products : Customize maximum number of products will be displayed to the outside.
  • Display:
  • All product: – Show all products sort order customized below.
  • Product Highlights: – Show all highlights products are custom order below.
  • Discounted product: – Hiển thị toàn bộ sản phẩm giảm giá theo thứ tự được tùy chỉnh phía dưới.
  • Sorted by:
    • Date – Sort the order date.
    • Price – Sort products by price.
    • Incidentally – Sort products random manner.
    • Sales – Sort products by sales.
  • Order
    • Decrease – Sort products descending order.
    • Increase – Sort products ascending order.

Some plugin for widget

Maybe the default widget not satisfy your demand, you can try reference through support some plugins add some other widget support for WooCommerce.


Pay fee:

  • WC Products By Category Widget – Display the products by category, can customize various like product widget of Woocommerce default.
  • Woocommerce Similar Category Products Widget – Display products in the same category.
  • WooCommerce Product Filter – Filters considered professional products.
  • WooCommerce Sales Countdown – display the countdown time to the sales.
  • WooCommerce Ajax Drop Down Cart – Add mini shopping cart widget that supports AJAX.
  • Shop Assistant for WooCommerce – Virtual Assistant for customers.
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Widget support change currencies at the exchange rate automatically.
  • WooCommerce Cart – WooCart Pro – Automatically show mini shopping cart on the menu beautifully.

Thank for your reading. If you have any question with this blog , don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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