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Payment settings

To install the payment of Woocommerce , you visit  Woocommerce  -> Settings -> Payment.

  • Compulsory security payment: This option should not tick if you do not understand what is SSL certificate. You should only choose when you installed an SSL certificate on the website.
  • Cart Page: Select the shopping cart page where you are in the website.
  • Checkout Page: Choose the payment page where you are in the website. These pages were created WooCommerce default during the installation. If you have accidentally deleted it best a few WooCommerce -> System Status -> Tools -> Settings page and publications.
  • Terms and Conditions : If you have a terms and conditions page purchase, please choose here.

Connection endpoint of payment

End-point which mean is  a terminal path of the corresponding page links to each page. Example payment page with the default endpoint is order-pay

Setup payment gateways

BACS (bank transfer)

This section you will enter a description of the payment method choice when it and a few lines of instructions . Account details section, you will enter some information of the bank account, in case you do not know the IBAN, BIC / Swift, …


This payment method is simply a description and guide customers to follow when making a payment to the end line.

Pay cash on delivery

This option will give customers the option to pay cash method of delivery, and of course it’s also simply a tagline attached instructions. But the difference is you can choose the payment method only applies to a particular method of delivery.


This option will need to set up a little advanced, it will allow customers to pay directly through PayPal if customers have a PayPal account.

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