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There is a seemingly simple problem while using Woocommerce but have you not known or don’t know how to do, which is to establish the links on the menu to add the theme as the product category page, a link to the page account,…And in this article I will guide detailing job.

To add a link to the menu in the theme, then of course we will access Appearance -> Menus.

Putting Links To The Menu In Wocommerce

After creating the menu in Woocommerce, you certainly will not see the related links section to the product page in the left column. It’s just hidden well, in order to activate it you look up on the display click Options, then check the items related to  products.

Putting Links To The Menu In Wocommerce

When you’ve seen the related links to the left hand column Woocommerce side, then simply select and add to the menu.

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