AvatarMichael Marsh asked 2 months ago

The product page is looking very weird and cannot get it the same format as on the baby demo website. The description is not landscape but squished and goes down. The size, price and and ‘add to cart’ button is also below the product image and not to the right. 
What do I do?

3 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 2 months ago

Did you follow this guide to import dummy content and layout like demo? https://wooskins.com/how-to-install-quickstart-package/

AvatarMichael Marsh replied 2 months ago

Yes, downloaded the file how it instructed. What do i do now?

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 2 months ago

So, you just unzip it so you can see quickstart package (.wpress file), make sure that you’re using PRO version to get this file.
and follow above guide to import it via WP admin panel with All-In-Oner migration plugin.

AvatarMichael Marsh replied 1 month ago

I have uploaded the file onto the site and the demo is there but the product page isn’t as the demo seemed. Do you have an email so i can send a picture to?

KelvinKelvin Staff answered 1 month ago

Thank you for your info. You can send me a picture via email [email protected]
also send me your site URL, admin login, FTP account, so I can help.

KelvinKelvin Staff answered 1 month ago

I got your request and replied you, I will inform you when it’s ready.