DWQA QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsWe closed Ticket Support System, and moved to New Community Support System!
KelvinKelvin Staff asked 7 months ago

Hi everyone!

After two years with Ticket Support System, with some limited and not flexible with this tool, we decide close Ticket System and moved with New Community Board!

With this new Support Board, we can improve our support service, FAQs better, give you faster response!

All tickets system (over 1000 tickets and closed, only two open tickets and we already take care via email support) will be deleted for security issues.

If you any questions, feel free to reply me.

AvatarJolie Hair replied 3 weeks ago

hello , my product is still pending in the customer area, how can i download it?

also please stop multi charge. only want the one product,

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Your payment for your order is not completed. I removed all your pending orders, so you can try again with other methods that I sent you via email.

If you need more helps, feel free let me know. Thank you!