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With the help of the WordPress sticky menu plugin, you can quickly create a sticky menu without complex shortcodes. Let’s dig in our hand-picked list of the 10 best WordPress sticky menu plugins!

What can WordPress Sticky Menu Plugin do for your website?

There are many benefits of adding a sticky header plugin to your WordPress website:

  • Easier browsing
  • Better branding
  • More Page Views per visit
  • Lower bounce rate

Top WordPress Sticky Menu Plugin

1. Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll

wordpress sticky menu plugin 1

Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll lets you create a menu (as well as anything) sticky to the top of page when you scroll down. This kind of menu is quite convenient for customers, and you should consider this plugin because of its good job.


  • Positioning from top
  • Any element can stick
  • Allow certain screen sizes only
  • Push-up element
  • Admin bar aware
  • Legacy, dynamic and debug mode
  • And more


  • Effective plugin
  • Simple to use
  • Awesome support

2. WP Floating Menu

wordpress sticky menu plugin 2

WP Floating Menu is another WordPress sticky menu plugin that allow yoou create sticky navigation menu. Using this plugin, you need to define sections on your page first, then create menu in few steps. Moreover, you can place sticky menu in different places as per your requirement.


  • Easy sort able menu
  • Two different menu positions Right and Left
  • Inbuilt menu icon sets
  • Enable disable option for mobile devices
  • And more


  • Fully responsive
  • Free updates for lifetime
  • Free email and forum support

3. Sticky Menu on Scroll, Sticky Header, Floating Notification Bar for Any Theme

wordpress sticky menu plugin 3

This plugin, like above plugins, can make your menu sticky on the top of page. In addition, you can use it to create welcome bar for announcements, promotion and more. Such a convenience.


  • Show sticky header on scroll down/up
  • Fade or slide effect
  • Disable at small screen
  • Choose when to make visible on scroll
  • Modify the style of menu (background, opacity, etc.)
  • Change the sticky transition time
  • Define the z-index of the sticky header
  • And more


  • Works perfectly
  • Friendly
  • Great support

4. Sticky Header by ThematoSoup

Sticky Header by ThematoSoup can create a sticky header for your site. Your header with menu included will show your brand to customers in a most effective way as well as improve user experience.


  • Create navigation menu then add it to Sticky Header
  • Upload your sticky header logo
  • Customize sticky header background color
  • Choose text color for sticky header
  • And more


  • Responsive for mobile screen
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

5. Simple Sticky Header on Scroll

Simple Sticky Header on Scroll will create sticky and slide-down header for your site notwithstanding which theme you using is. So, you can add a naviagtion menu to header then it will become a sticky menu.


  • Add your logo and menu
  • Set custom scroll distance for sticky header’s appearance
  • Color customize every element
  • Horizontal menu switches over to a dropdown menu for responsive
  • And more


  • Quick and simple setup
  • Can customization in real-time

6. Fixed And Sticky Header

wordpress sticky menu plugin 6

With the ability to add sticky header, Fixed And Sticky Header makes your menu fixed and visible all time. This plugin also allows you easily modify the style of menu to fit perfectly your design.


  • Fixed the header after adding class or id in plugin setting
  • Add background color for fixed header
  • Add text color
  • Fixed header on given scroll
  • And more


  • Friendly interface
  • Simple and effective

7. Fixed Menu Anchor

Different from other WordPress sticky menu plugin, Fixed Menu Anchor helps you define the distance between screen top and anchor target. If you have already used a sticky menu, this plugin is an useful tool to modify the ideal distance between elements on you site.


  • Define a standard distance between screen top and anchor target
  • Set up a distance value in admin dashboard
  • Define a certain CSS-class
  • Theme agnostic
  • Browser agnostic
  • And more


  • Useful for a sticky menu
  • Easy to configure
  • Simple

8. Float menu – awesome floating side menu

With the help of this plugin, you can create and add a floating menu (sticky menu) to your site and place it at the left or right on the page. You can use it for creating site navigation, main menu; contact block, additional menu and more. Moreover, this plugin comes with plenty options to beautify the style of menu.


  • Create unlimited menu
  • 2 positions to display the panel: left or right on the page
  • Add and customize labels of the buttons
  • Edit indents between the menu items
  • more than 1400+ Font Awesome 5 icons
  • Square shape of the buttons
  • Select the color for each icon
  • Set the background color for the button
  • And more


  • Nice style
  • Good job
  • A huge number of options of customizing

9. Side Menu Lite – add sticky fixed buttons

Side Menu Lite is created to build sticky menu on sidebar on your site. Using it, you can add fixed slideout buttons as well as insert links or create navigation menu.


  • Create unlimited amount of side menus
  • Adding custom ID and Classes
  • Display menu at Left & Right
  • Menu item size control
  • Icon and font size control
  • Display control on devices
  • And more


  • Plenty of available gorgeous fonts and icons
  • Good features

10. Catch Sticky Menu

If you want a simple but effective plugin to lock menu on the header of your site, you should take a look at Catch Sticky Menu. This plugin enables you to create menu that can’t disappear when users scroll down.


  • Create sticky menu
  • Custom sticky menu style
  • Sticky z index
  • Make your website elements sticky
  • Choose to display the sticky menu on the homepage only
  • And more


  • Feature-rich
  • Basic but perfect!


This is the end of our suggested collection of 10 WordPress sticky menu plugins. We would be happy if our article useful for you. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to share something with us.

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