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The WordPress Database Plugin is undoubtedly the most important asset for your online business. You can build up everything else, but once the database is gone you will have to start again. Here is a list of WordPress Database plugins that will make things a lot easier for you. Check it out!

Why should you use WordPress Database Plugin?

There are a number of benefits including:

  • Everything published on your site is stored in a MySQL database and if everything disappears from your database, your site would remain only as a domain name.
  • Each site has an exceptional information base and it is this data set that addresses the current and distributed substance of a site on the web.
  • An eCommerce website losing its database may lead to loss of potential customers.

Top WordPress Database Plugin

Participants Database

The Participants Database plugin sets up a substitute piece of your site to make an enlightening file of contacts, visitors, or any outline of clients you may require. You have alternatives for unreservedly shaping in the contacts or getting them with a CSV record.

Provided Features:

  • Shortcode for embeddings a configurable sign-up short development
  • Wrapping the sign-up development
  • Show a pursuit structure
  • Import CSV reports adding tremendous measures of records
  • Email notice and authentication
  • Email notice when a client changes a record
  • Open, portable record postings


  • Outstanding Support
  • Truly adaptable
  • All around organized

WP Database Reset

Possibly the most sublime instructive assortment modules we ought to propose is the WP Database Reset plugin.  It engages you to reset all pieces of your WordPress enlightening file with a singular tick. This is an immediate, secure choice for returning to a point in time where your enlightening record may not be as obfuscated. Look at it!

Provided Features:

  • Astoundingly quick a single tick measure
  • Decide to reset the whole information base
  • Secure and too easy to even consider evening think about utilizing
  • Safe – it’s nonsensical to surprisingly click reset
  • Reset the information base in one solicitation
  • Astounding for point and module originators


  • Simple to utilize
  • Incredibly lively
  • Great

WP Database Backup

The WP Database Backup plugin is best when facilitated with a module for cleaning your information base. A bit of the time this is a great plugin for security, at any rate now and then you fundamentally need to have a backup of your data prior to getting everything out.

Provided Features:

  • Fortress hence on a schedule
  • Download fortress record direct
  • Capacity to reestablish an information base fortress
  • Accessible different cutoff objections
  • Search fortress from the outline
  • Furthermore, that is only a trace of something bigger


  • Reasonable work
  • Magnificent module
  • Lively and downloadable

Advanced Database Cleaner

Another information base in the mix is Advanced Database Cleaner. This module rotates around erasing things in your information base that are either insignificant or causing issues on the trained professional. Moreover, it also erases things like trackbacks, pending comments, and old drafts.

Provided Features:

  • Pick what things to tidy up
  • Kill trash remarks, transient post meta
  • Improve site speed
  • View and clean cron undertakings
  • Supports multisite establishment
  • Besides, that is only a brief look at something bigger


  • Save time
  • Good module
  • Momentous help

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

The name of the module says everything. The module will endeavor to move the educational list of your site in the wake of erasing the pointless drafts and cures on your site to keep the information base of your site shaky and lively. Likewise, it can destroy changes, obliterated posts, page remarks, spam remarks, and any extra information that extends the instructive list of your site.

Provided Features:

  • Bit by bit at a particular time
  • Improve DB partner in the leader bar
  • Kills ‘pingbacks’ and ‘trackbacks’
  • Clears the ‘OEMBED store’
  • Smooth out Database’ Icon in the head menu
  • Kills squashed posts, pages, and remarks


  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Especially masterminded
  • Work enough

Contact Form 7 Database Addon

The Contact Form 7 Database Addon is ideal for the individuals who ought to consequently log all of their contact form submission data into one instructive record. Along these lines, there’s no persuading inspiration to accept that your email inbox will save everything for you.

Provided Features:

  • No strategy is required
  • Save Contact Form 7 plan submitted information
  • Expert pleasant and simple to change
  • Show all made contact structure 7 development list
  • Section CF7 DB information in CSV record
  • Single information base table for all contact structure 7 plans
  • Simple to utilize and lightweight module


  • Clear establishment
  • Great module
  • Expedient


WP-Optimize works by cleaning, squeezing, and caching your WordPress educational file. The regardless of what you look like at it module guarantees that there’s no persuading inspiration to introduce extra instruments for improving your information base all that could be within reach. Your whole WordPress educational assortment gets cleaned on an arrangement and you’re even skillful to compress images with the assistance of the WP-Optimize module.

Provided Features:

  • Breathtaking contraptions for site caching, database cleaning
  • Along these lines upgrade your information base
  • View information base streamlining nuances in the module
  • Choices for multisite keep up
  • Overhaul singular tables


  • Out and out free
  • Mind-boggling module
  • Mind-boggling help

WP CSV to Database

WP CSV to Database is a pivotal WordPress Searchable Database Plugin that you can use to add CSV record content for your WordPress information base rapidly. Besides, you can in addition pass on any WordPress information base table substance to a CSV file utilizing this module. Look at it!

Provided Features:

  • Supplement CSV record content into the WordPress instructive assortment
  • Affirmation of any WordPress information base table substance
  • Mass information import from CSV
  • Unequivocally introduce information into a specific instructive assortment table
  • Most definitely


  • Save time
  • Remarkable module
  • Marvelous assistance

Database for Contact Form 7

Database for Contact Form 7 is a capability add-on. Moreover, it licenses you to save all submitted from Contact Form 7 to the instructive file and show in the Database Menu, and therefore you can see it at whatever point. We ought to find and appreciate it!

Provided Features:

  • Save all information from Contact Form 7 to the educational assortment
  • Simple to change the names
  • Alter subtleties for each contact area
  • Mass erase contact areas
  • Revised to sort portions
  • Show/cover areas
  • Charge all information to CSV


  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Profitable
  • Sensible


This is another shocking enlightening file module we ought to present. This module considers the improvement of your enlightening list from the most punctual beginning stage, utilizing extra highlights to the fortress and reestablish the files.  Moreover, it assists with dropping void tables and running picked demands. You can comparatively fix broken documents or tables, all with the fundamental snap of a catch.

Provided Features:

  • Improve enlightening list
  • Fix enlightening assortment
  • Supports modified orchestrating
  • Stronghold enlightening file
  • Redesigning and fixing of enlightening file
  • In addition, that is just the beginning


  • Awesome module
  • Central
  • Ideal to utilize


WordPress Database Plugin helps you to back up your files. Moreover, let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites. Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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