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Are you looking to build a membership site in WordPress? Want to know which is the best WordPress Membership Plugin? In this article, we will compare the 10 best WordPress membership plugins to easily create paid membership websites.

What can WordPress Membership Plugin do for your website?

There are a lot of ways to make money online, but creating a membership website using a WordPress membership plugin is one of the most effective. It is mainly because a membership site lets you limit access to your site’s content to only paid clients. This content can incorporate downloads, forums, support, and more.

Top WordPress Membership Plugin

1. ARMember

ARMember is a free WordPress membership plugin that comes with a wide range of features. You can create unlimited membership levels, restrict content with 1 click, drip content, and more. It also comes with a built-in form builder that lets you create custom forms and signup pages. It’s very different and much better than even the most popular membership plugins here.

Provided Features:

  • Create free and trial memberships
  • Ability to upgrade, cancel, renew, or downgrade memberships
  • Social login forms
  • Badges and achievements
  • Drip/scheduled content
  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Create Free and Paid Memberships
  • Membership Setup Wizard


  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Very nice

2. WP-Members Membership Plugin

WP-Members is another free WordPress membership plugin that makes it easy to restrict access or hide pages, posts, and custom post types. It keeps the registration process on the site’s frontend, so it’s part of your content instead of taking users to the WordPress login page.


  • Requires no modifications to your existing WordPress theme
  • Create custom registration and profile fields
  • Add post excerpt teaser content automatically
  • Create powerful customizations with 120+ action and filter hooks
  • Login widget
  • Notify admin of new user registrations
  • Create custom registration and profile fields


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible

3. s2Member Framework

If you’re looking for the best free WordPress membership plugin 2020, s2Member might be it. For a free plugin, it’s loaded with features. It is for nothing out of pocket and allows you to test yourself in the online membership business game. Take into account some of the S2Member features including versatile and powerful options.

Provides Features:

  • Easy-to-accept recurring payments
  • Includes PayPal integration in Framework version
  • Coupon codes and coupon code tracking
  • Gift certificate codes
  • Customizable pro-form templates


  • eye-catching
  • Nice
  • Powerful

4. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a free WordPress membership plugin that comes with a great set of features. Moreover, it’s extendable through addons. With Paid Memberships Pro, you can set up unlimited access levels with flexible pricing, offer coupons and discount codes, drip content, and more. Check it out.

Provides Features:

  • Integrates with Constant Contact
  • Pay per post/view
  • Compatible with: PayPal, PayPal Pro/Express, 2CheckOut, Stripe
  • Allows for acceptance of recurring payment
  • Members-only product discounts
  • Simple to install and get running


  • Great support
  • Awesome
  • Useful plugin

5. Restrict User Access – Membership Plugin with Force

Restrict User Access is another free membership plugin. Using this plugin to quickly set up a membership site where your users can get different levels such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Moreover, it also restricts content and context to control what your clients get elite access to.

Provides Features:

  • Multiple levels per user
  • Sync with User Roles, Logged in, or Logged out
  • Add membership durations
  • Unlock (drip) content for new members
  • Permit & deny level capabilities
  • Hide nav menu items


  • Efficient
  • Great plugin
  • Useful

6. Cart66 Cloud Members

Cart66 Cloud allows you to do many things with a WordPress installation, including managing an eCommerce store which sells physical products or digital downloads. It also functions as a membership plugin for WordPress, allowing you to sell and restrict access to your site using subscription payments and recurring billing.

Provides Features:

  • membership access to categories of your blog posts
  • online courses
  • access to wholesale products
  • premium support content
  • sections of a page can be protected like embedded videos
  • Make content available on a drip basis
  • Sell membership access using the recurring billing engine


  • Great support
  • Useful
  • Nice

7. Simple Membership

A flexible, well-supported, and easy-to-use wordpress membership plugin for offering free and premium content from your wordpress site. The simple membership plugin lets you protect your posts and pages so only your members can view the protected content. Furthermore, this plugin set unlimited membership levels such as free, silver, professional, and so on.

Provides Features:

  • Unlimited Membership Access Levels
  • Users Friendly Interface For Content Protection
  • Protect Your Posts and Page


  • Effective
  • Great plugin
  • Easy to use

8.Ultimate Member 

If you are looking to create an online educational program, Ultimate Member is one of the top WordPress membership plugins that you should consider. It is modern and simple to utilize WordPress membership plugin that doesn’t cost you a dime. You can configure it to have free and/or paid memberships on your site

Provides Features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with the register or login forms
  • Easy to setup
  • Stops spam registrations completely
  • Enable Google reCAPTCHA on the register and login forms
  • Turn on / off the reCAPTCHA on any specific form


  • Great support
  • Eye-catching
  • Flexibility

9. ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid is a striking and straightforward to use WordPress membership plugin. It unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for your web platform and helps you expand it with a membership area. Whether you would like to build communities, offer your online shoppers to create profiles or start a paid membership business, with ProfileGrid, you can make it happen all and then some.

Provides Features:

  • Multiple User Profile types
  • Each Group can have its own set of fields
  • Groups can have membership limits
  • Groups can be mapped to a specific WordPress Roles
  • Filter user profiles based on groups on directories page
  • Closed Groups require membership approval
  • Users can join multiple Groups


  • Useful
  • Awesome
  • Nice

10. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is one of the best frontend builder plugins for WordPress. It includes frontend dashboard, frontend editor & publishing, and frontend uploader for WordPress user profile, post submissions, and memberships.

Provides Features:

  • Frontend Membership
  • Update Profile from the Frontend
  • Flexibility for admins
  • Files & attachments
  • Drag-n-drop form builder
  • Publish your WPUF forms using Gutenberg


  • Professional
  • Eye-catching
  • Useful


WordPress Membership Plugin puts you in complete control of your revenue. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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