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WordPress Code Plugin is a poweful tool, assisting you to insert your custom code into your page without any problem.

Nowadays, WordPress site become more and more popular and developed. However, it doesn’t have any option related to custom code adding. Thus, if you want to add code, it is difficult for you to do that. Therefore, we are going to bring you Top 8 Must-have WordPress Code Plugin In 2021. Now, let read and choose the best one you want.

WP Coder

Firstly, you can have extraordinary involvement in WP Coder. This module upholds you to add HTML CSS JS code to the page of your site rapidly. Particularly, you can put on the site pages practically any components, created with the assistance of contents and styles.

Provided features:

  • Possibility of HTML CSS JavaScript insertion
  • Connecting third-party libraries
  • Uploading to the site and connecting scripts and styles
  • Not overloading the website


  • Effective
  • Easy to use

Insert PHP Code Snippet

Another module we figure you should utilize is Insert PHP Code Snippet. All in all, this module help you to produce shortcodes relating to PHP code scraps without any problem. In addition, it additionally has some different highlights that you can see beneath.

Provided features:

  • Convert PHP snippets to shortcodes
  • Insert PHP code easily using shortcode
  • Support for PHP snippet shortcodes in widgets
  • Dropdown menu in TinyMCE editor to pick snippet shortcodes easily


  • Helpful
  • Easy to use

Code Snippets

The third module we would like to bring you is Code Snippets. Most importantly, this module will uphold you to run PHP code scraps on your site. Other than that, moreover the Plugins menu, it likewise gives graphical interface for overseeing bits.

Provided features:

  • Various options to manage your snippets.
  • Get a graphical interface


  • Simple
  • Easy to use

Code Embed

The fourth module you ought to offer is Code Embed. Not at all like the module over, this module just lets you install code in a post, without the substance being changed by the supervisor. Hence, it is simple and straightforward for you to install outsider contents.

Provided features:

  • Add HTML or JavaScript to posts or pages
  • Embed in widgets using the Widget Logic plugin
  • Modify the keywords or identifiers used for embedding the code to your own choice
  • Search for embedding code via a simple search option


  • Useful
  • Simple to use

Custom Codes

Fifthly, we guarantee that Custom Codes is a decent module you shouldn’t miss. In other words, you can redo SASS, CSS, JS and PHP in same catalog with the best progressed code editorial manager. Additionally, on the off chance that you need to compose explicit CSS for every cell phone, at that point you can utilize responsive breakpoints.

Provided features:

  • Custom SASS or CSS editors
  • Custom JavaScript editors (Head and footer)
  • AutoPrefixer
  • Admin notes section


  • Free
  • Effective

My Custom Functions

Next, we will together investigate My Custom Functions. With its assistance, you can include your custom PHP code in the field on the module page. From that point onward, this module will wrap up for you without altering the functions.php document.

Provided features:

  • Insert custom PHP code into the site
  • Checks the entered code for fatal errors
  • Ability to temporarily disable all custom PHP code
  • Code syntax highlighting


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible

If you desire to embed custome head or footer code into your site, then let explore this module at the present time. Initially, this module permits you to set site-wide custom substance for head page area. Moreover, it additionally assist you with setting site-wide custom substance for footer page segment.

Provided feautres:

  • Set homepage specific custom code for head, body and/or footer if Homepage mode is se to Blog Posts
  • Set article specific custom code for head page section
  • Choose priority of printed custom code to head/body/footer sections
  • And more…


  • Great support
  • Simple and fast

ACF Theme Code for Advanced Custom Fields

If you are seeking a module which naturally creates the code required, then this module might be for you. Most importantly, this module produces code for all the field types remembered for the free form of Advanced Custom Fields. Other than that, it likewise brings different capacities underneath.

Provided features:

  • All code generated has been thoroughly tested and is created with speed and flexibility of implementation in mind.
  • The code generated is specific to the field names and field settings you use for each of your fields.
  • Use the clipboard icons in this section quickly copy and paste the code blocks into your theme templates.


  • Time-saving
  • Flexible


All in all, we have already listed for you Top 8 Must-have WordPress Code Plugin In 2020. So, you had some information about these plugins to use for your site. Further, you can get more Free WordPress Themes here to build up your site.

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