Allow your users to edit their avatar with top WordPress Avatar Plugin!

Do you want to have a tool to help your users customize their avatars? WordPress Avatar Plugin can help you to finish this task in real-time. However, it is the fact that there is a lot of such kind of plugins on the market and you may feel confused because you do not know what is the best one. In order to help you save time, we picked up several WordPress Avatar Plugin that may e useful for you. Let’s start now!

1. Simple User Avatar

Simple User Avatar

On the off chance that you are finding an extraordinary WordPress Avatar Plugin, here is an incredible answer for you. By utilizing it, you can permit your clients to embed just as erase his symbol straightforwardly from his own media library.  Simple User Avatar is completely simple to use with no additional usefulness required.

Provided Features:

  • Disentangle the life of WordPress clients
  • Include Avatar utilizing pictures from Media Library
  • Erase symbol from the media library


  • Easy to utilize
  • Lightweight module
  • Have exactly the intended effect

2. WP Avatar

WP Avatar

WP Avatar is an incredible WordPress Avatar Plugin that empowers you to utilize any photograph which was transferred into your Media Library. Additionally, this module likewise gives you a capacity to adjust default symbol just as erase old pictures in the event that you transfer another symbol in a programmed manner.

Provided Features:

  • Transfer the symbol picture from your PC
  • Pick a picture from Media Library
  • Allow anyone can transfer a symbol
  • Amazingly expel old picture
  • Permit change default symbol


  • Valuable
  • Great work

3. WP User Avatar | User Profile Picture

WP User Avatar | User Profile Picture

WP User Avatar empowers you to utilize custom symbols transferred through Gravatar and any photograph transferred into your Media Library as a symbol. In addition, you don’t have to alter a picture. It implies that you can utilize the comparative uploader just as the library as your posts with no additional envelopes.

Provided Features:

  • Simple Upload and Capture usefulness
  • Keep Avatars in Custom Folder
  • Simple to alter symbol measurements
  • Use Webcam to get Avatar in a split second
  • Keep Avatars in Media Manager
  • And then some


  • Pleasant highlights in the settings
  • Speed up
  • Simple to utilize

4. Avatar Manager

Avatar Manager

This WordPress Avatar Plugin is a straightforward and neighborly client module that empowers to store symbols locally. Additionally, on account of letting your clients select between utilizing Gravatar and a self-facilitated symbol picture from their profile screen, Avatar Manage helps to improve your WordPress sites. In addition. it likewise improves your work process, make a picture that you need.

Provided Features:

  • Include your own survey
  • Contribute a fix
  • Help to determine a current issue
  • Propose adding deeply
  • Make a gift


  • Rich straightforwardness
  • Convey flawless execution
  • Works impeccably

5. WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar permits you to set custom symbols without Gravatar and the symbol will be the primary letter of the client’s name. This Plugin comprises of a lot of shocking, brilliant letter symbols in numerous sizes and even PSD format. By producing new index close to default envelope and following the naming show from the default, you can create your own symbol set.

Provided Features:

  • Delightful, brilliant letter symbols
  • PSD layout
  • Bring more hues
  • Amazingly light and ultra-high caliber
  • Ready to remark on your posts
  • Sets custom symbols for clients without Gravatar


  • Quick as light module
  • It would appear that a future-evidence module
  • Insane simple and perfect establishment

6. WP User Avatars

WP User Avatars

WP User Avatars empowers your clients who enlisted to pick and transfer their own symbol dependent on your need. This WordPress Avatar Plugin likewise works extraordinary without nay clashes.

Provided Features:

  • Transfer their own symbols
  • Select their symbol


  • Work immaculately
  • Awesome module

7. Letter Avatars

Letter Avatars

This WordPress Avatar is a module that permits clients to set custom symbols without Gravatar. Letter Avatars will be the primary last of a username or email and all letters will be given by your subject textual style.

Provided Features:

  • Works anyplace
  • Works with BuddyPress
  • Exceptionally perfect
  • Lightweight
  • Works with YITH Reviews for WooCommerce


  • Quick and included help
  • Chips away at CSS premise
  • Lightweight and Elegant Solution

8. Author Avatars List/Block

Author Avatars List/Block

Author Avatars List/Block permits you to show arrangements of client symbols or gathering by client jobs on your locales in a simple manner. In addition, you can likewise include single symbols for blog clients or each email address into a post or page and show a photograph of somebody you are discussing. By embeddings a gadget, you can include symbol records into your sidebar or your posts/pages.

Provided Features:

  • Breaking point the quantity of clients appeared
  • Show a custom title
  • Alter the size of client symbols
  • Show a custom title
  • Just show explicit client gatherings
  • And the sky is the limit from there


  • Heaps of choices to channel and sort symbols
  • Incorporate and reject the substance without any problem
  • Engineer cordial


WordPress Avatar Plugin helps you to customize avatars on your site. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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