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As you know, the flipbook is a digital publication that is similar to a real magazine, catalog, or event page flip. Today, in this collection, we provide you top 9 best WordPress Flipbook Plugins that may be useful for you. Let’s start now!

Why should you use WordPress Flipbook Plugin?

If having a WordPress Flipbook Plugin, you can make your site much more attractive and impress your customers effectively. You can enhance and style your WordPress theme with a flipbook catalog (business catalog, company catalog, etc.).

Top WordPress Flipbook Plugin

1. WP Booklet

WP Booklet

This WordPress Flipbook Plugin engages you to make magazine-like pages or freebees in a basic way. Numerous understood subjects are in like manner associated with this module for accommodating customers. WP Booklet  is moreover totally great with versatile contraptions and you can present it consistently

Provided features:

  • Mass picture moves
  • Page thumbnails
  • PDF moves
  • Similitude with phones
  • Page popups
  • Mass shipper for WP Booklet 1.x booklets
  • Full responsiveness


  • Engaging structure
  • Capacity outstandingly
  • Very basic

2. iPages Flipbook For WordPress

iPages Flipbook For WordPress

Here is an extraordinary WordPress Flipbook Plugin with a large number of highlights that can permit you to create excellent computerized HTML flipbooks. Because of utilizing this iPages Flipbook Plugin, you can make your own media books which can enable bloggers just as distributers with the goal that you can create all the more captivating substances.

Provided features:

  • Thumbnails
  • Representation and Landscape
  • 3 Render Book Modes
  • 2 Data Sources
  • Console Navigation
  • Staggered Zoom
  • Offer a connection with companions
  • Ground-breaking Interface
  • Switch from the typical state to fullscreen and back
  • PDF download
  • And then some


  • Lovely structure
  • Ideal for book and introduction of books
  • Simple interface

3. Interactive EASY FlipBook I Widget

Interactive EASY FlipBook I Widget

This is a brilliant Instagram Flipbook Plugin incorporating 3D advancement with the objective that you can show Instagram posts urgently. By virtue of using this kind of module, you can get more thought and impression of your customers. Moreover, EASY FlipBook is furthermore outstandingly adaptable very much arranged that you can use without essential computational weight.

Provided features:

  • 3D development for indicating Instagram posts
  • Alter for use on contact screen contraptions
  • Print the saw material, particular pages or the entire record
  • Show a remarkable board in the modules domain
  • Conform to any setup and objectives of the device


  • Not too bad view
  • Enough documentation

4. issuupress


This WordPress Flipbook Plugin is a free however successful apparatus that permits you to hold your PDF magazines. In addition, the issuupress plugin additionally empowers you to show a rundown of all PDF documents that your hang on your posts and pages just by utilizing some basic short-code.

Provided features:

  • Confine the rundown by tag
  • Control the issuu watcher
  • Host your PDF magazines
  • Show a rundown of PDF records on your blog

5. dFlip 3D Flipbook

DearFlip – WordPress 3D Flipbook, PDF Flipbook

This module licenses you to amaze your customers by making sensible and charming 3D HTML5 Flipbook. Also, this module furthermore allows you to change over your PDF records into flipbooks adequately just requiring PDF links. dFlip 3D Flipbook also consolidates an orders support with the objective that you can show flipbook by groupings.

Provided features:

  • Sponsorship for participates in the PDF Flipbook
  • Straightforward creation with Post Type and shortcode
  • Custom Hot-spots for Image Flipbook
  • Significant Linking feature
  • Sensible 3D Flipbook controlled
  • Evident CSS HTML5 Flipbook
  • RTL mode for Arabian and RTL mode lingos
  • Characterizations support
  • Controls Customization


  • Bewildering help
  • Reasonable 3D see
  • Easy to use

6. Ultimate PDF Flipbooks | Flip Books Made Easy!

Ultimate PDF Flipbooks | Flip Books Made Easy!

This WordPress Flipbook Plugin gives you an ability to take PDF records from the manager dashboard and a while later you can make its shortcode by using a shortcode generator. Starting there ahead, you can insert it into your posts and pages with no issue. In addition, you can implant and eradicate various features similarly as modify and manage the structure and limit effectively.

Provided features:

  • Grant Download
  • Show Thumbnails
  • Extra Classes
  • Slide Show
  • License Fullscreen
  • Page Layout
  • Compartment Width
  • Compartment Height


  • Amazing module
  • Phenomenal
  • Easy to change

7. Unreal FlipBook 

Unreal FlipBook – WPBakery Addon

This module engages you to scrutinize flipping books, PDFs, pictures and HTML with no issue. Moreover, Unreal FlipBook is similarly sensible for indicating books, cards, magazines, booklets, freebees, and so forth. Because of using this kind of WordPress Flipbook Plugin, you can draw more thought similarly as interest your customers effectively.

Provided features:

  • Make volume book
  • Recreate book opening system
  • Drag and hurl pages together
  • Re-try the condition of flipping pages
  • Use PDF, pictures, and HTML as pages


  • Capable flipbook
  • Easy to use

8. Yumpu ePaper publishing

Yumpu ePaper publishing

Yumpu ePaper publishing module gives you an ability to move any PDF report that you need into your site. Starting there ahead, this module will exchange it into online clear ePapers. Furthermore, by using some essential shortcodes, you can incorporate ePapers into your posts and pages.

Provided features:

  • Move any PDF to your site
  • Can be scrutinized with Flash or HTML 5
  • Convert PDF records into an online understandable ePaper
  • Supplement ePaper into posts and pages


  • Better than average gadget
  • Exceptional assistance
  • Strong

9. Flip Pong V

Flip Pong V

Flip Pong V licenses you to create circulations with no coding data. Moreover, while using this module, you can flip pages with the mouse viably essentially like an authentic book or you can similarly use the left and right attaches. This module in like manner gives you an ability to pick estimations of each flipbook and a while later you can enable a shadow around the flipbook.

Provided features:

  • Make dispersions
  • Expansion, oust and demand your pages
  • Pick estimations of each flipbook
  • Enable a shadow around the flipbook


WordPress Flipbook Plugin allows you to impress your customers. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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