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Exchange the currencies on your web page with the most effective WordPress Currency Converter Plugins!

As you know, WordPress Currency Converter Plugin is a critical tool that helps you to alternate currencies as you want. By using it, you could expand your enterprise all over the word without difficulty. Today, in order to help you select the quality one, we offer you the top 9 WordPress Currency Converter Plugin with the desire that you could select the most suitable one.

1. Currency Converter Calculator

Currency Converter Calculator consists of currencies unit of more than 195 countries around the world. This plugin can enable you to update the exchange rate in an automatic way. What’s more, you are also able to use an iframe on your site with a working program available.

Provided features:

  • 195+ currencies
  • Updates automatically
  • Responsive design
  • Popular cryptocurrencies
  • Use on any page through shortcodes
  • Multi-languages and SSL support


  • Easy to use
  • Useful widget

2. CurrencyConverter

The next plugin I want to introduce to you today is CurrencyConverter. This plugin has over 170 currency rates. Moreover, it also includes useful API so that you can generate your custom widgets and display the exchange rate at any place on your site. The data of the currency rate is updated automatically every hour.

Provided features:

  • More than 170+ currency rates
  • Multiple settings for customizing
  • Create your custom widgets
  • Display exchange rates anywhere on websites
  • Select the data provider
  • No additional load to your site


  • Modern design
  • Good Plugin
  • Fits every stylish website

3. Currency Converter Widget

This Currency Converter Widget Plugin enables you to show the currency exchange rate in the sidebar. Besides, you can also set the popular currency pairs, for example, USD or EUR. By using some simple shortcode, you can show this widget at any place that you want.

Provided features:

  • Set commonly-used currency pairs
  • Display the exchange rate
  • Skip the Exchange Rate Widget sidebar altogether
  • Customize its visual elements from text to background


  • Simple to use
  • Awesome plugin
  • Works Smoothly

4. Open Currency Converter

Open Currency Converter Plugin includes more than 170 currency rates. By using it, you are able to select the data provider as well as build your custom widgets. Furthermore, through some widgets, it allows you to display the exchange rate at any place on your site.

Provided features:

  • Over 170 currencies supported
  • Reducing resources and improving response
  • Control how results are output
  • Define defaults and to view current exchange rates
  • Embedding directly into your posts and pages
  • A PHP function


  • Easy settings and use
  • Simple to set-up
  • Work great

5. CBX Currency Converter

CBX Currency Converter is the fifth plugin that I want to recommend to you. This plugin can help you to exchange currency as you want and show it at any place that you want. Besides, it also has a video to show you how to set Finance API and the document of how to install this plugin.

Provided features:

  • Display an awesome form to convert currency
  • Classic Widget Support
  • Elementor Widget
  • Gutenberg Block
  • 4 layout, only calculator, only list, calculator
  • Translation Support


  • Excellent
  • iFrame-free customizable calculator
  • Best support

6. Euro FxRef Currency Converter

This plugin allows you to exchange currency to another easily just by using a simple shortcode. In addition, more than 33 currencies are included in this plugin. The conversion rate is according to ECB and it is updated from 2.15 pm to 3.00 p.m every day.

Provided features:

  • Convert one currency to another
  • Update rates daily between 2.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m
  • Call the convertor statically from PHP


  • Simple and efficient
  • Fantastic and useful
  • Easy to use

7. Currency Converter

This Currency Converter Plugin helps you to exchange amounts among more than 200 currencies. In addition, you can also customize the color, layout, and size easily. Through this plugin, you are also able to select to show header colors, adjustable width, and formats.

Provided features:

  • Converts amounts between currencies
  • Display formats, adjustable width, and header colors
  • Instant calculation
  •  Customize size, color, and layout
  • Choose default currencies for the calculator
  • Choice of over 200 currencies


  • Works Flawlessly
  • Helpful Plugin
  • Work perfect

8. Smart Currency Converter

The next Currency Converter WordPress Plugin that I want to introduce you is Smart Currency Converter. By using this plugin, you are able to select among more than 70 currencies available. In addition, it also allows you to alter the default currencies from the widget settings.

Provided features:

  • Choose from 70+ currencies
  • Change default currencies from your widget settings
  • Fast, simple and accurate


  • Simple and very useful
  • Easy to customize
  • Successful and convenient tool

9. Easy Currency Converter Plugin

Easy Currency Converter is a user-friendly and totally free plugin. You can download this plugin easily and customize it in real-time. Besides, this plugin is a useful tool for websites that supply to the international markets especially Canada, Japan, the USA, and Australia.

Provided features:

  • Utilize a live currency conversion
  • Take any number inputted and outputs
  • Convert to multiple currencies at the same time


  • Amazingly useful and versatile
  • Great and simple
  • Easy to manage


WordPress Currency Converter Plugin helps you to exchange currencies on your site. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free WordPress themes to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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