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Come and get the best Free Shipping Woocommerce Plugin for your site!

In this collection, we will introduce to you the best free Shipping Woocommerce plugin which offers you many ways to calculate shipping fee and more. You will fall in love with at least one of them! Let’s come and take a look!

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1. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin allows you to create your specific rules to determine when will a free shipping rate be applied for a customer. With this plugin, you have a full control of your store shipping rates, you can set up multiple “or” and “and” conditions groups with each shipping rate.

Provided options:

  • Apply shipping cost to shipping rates (per weight/ item/ fee of extra handling)
  • Set up shipping zones/ tax status
  • Using WAS Advanced Pricing extension to add advanced shipping cost.


  • Simple to setup and use
  • Beautiful interface

2. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Weight Based Shipping is a flexible and simple Woocommerce custom shipping plugin which allows you to account shipping cost based on order weight. You can also base on many conditions to add multiple rules.

Provided options:

  • Able to set as many shipping rules as you want based on order’s destination/ weight/ subtotal ranges).
  • Price calculator
  • Free shipping conditions
  • Supporting Shipping Classes.


  • Simple, efficient and work well.

3. Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce

Flexible Shipping is a free shipping Woocommerce plugin which is the best-advanced plugin for you to account shipping fee (based on weight/ total of the cart).

Provided options:

  • Shipping fee based on weight/total of the cart.
  • Add handling/ insurance fee above a certain cost.
  • Set up COD (cash on delivery) method with additional fee.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows multiple shipping methods for the same conditions

4. Fedex WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin

This is a WooCommerce Fedex Shipping plugin free download to help your Woocommerce store to get shipping rates via Fedex APIs based on item weight/postcode or any relevant details. The available shipping services with the rates will be listed for customers to make a choice based on postal code and the other parameters.

Provided options:

  • Integrates with Woocommerce
  • Calculate shipping rate


  • Great technical support
  • Work promptly

5. WooCommerce Shipping Pro with Table Rate

XAdapter Shipping Pro BASIC is an amazing free shipping Woocommerce plugin which allows you determine multiple shipping rates by weights/countries. Moreover, you can group many countries to form zones/regions to configure appropriate shipping scenarios.

Provided options:

  • Shipping based on the weight of cart/order.
  • Able to apply rates with or without taxes.
  • Conditional Free Shipping & Flat Rates.

6. Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce

This is a powerful free shipping Woocommerce plugin to limit shipping methods with conditions. Conditional Shipping runs well with your available shipping methods/zones. It is possible to limit flat rate, shipping free and more shipping method can be created by shipping zones.

Provided options:

  • Limit shipping methods with conditions
  • Works with existing shipping methods
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce 3+.


That’s all of our collection of best free shipping Woocommerce plugin today! Hope that this collection can help you to find at least one suitable plugin which is perfect for your Woocommerce store. If you find this collection is helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!











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