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Help your customers leave good feedback for your good products/service with the greatest Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin!

It is a great way to get your customers’ feedback and improve your product/service quality better and better. Therefore, let’s help your customers leave their feedback conveniently by going with one of the best Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin below!

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


Increase your store conversion by using this Woocommerce Customer Review plugin and make your customers leave product reviews on your site. This plugin provides an automatic review reminder which sends a reminder email to customers who have purchased on your site to come and give reviews about the product they got.

Provided options:

  • An automatic review reminder
  • Aggregated review form
  • Offer discount after review
  • Enhanced customer reviews
  • Able to contribute your own language.


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Many widely-used languages supported.

2. Google Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


A WordPress customer feedback plugin uses Google Merchant centre’s Customer reviews and offers you to choose where the popup will be placed with a Survey Opt-in code from page Order Received.

Provided options:

  • Support Google Customer Reviews Badge
  • Enable product reviews by sending GTIN data to Google on per product purchase
  • Figure out delivery date, choose popup survey opt-in place, language, rating badge position,…


  • Support Woocommerce version 3.0.

3. Reviews Ultimate


This is Woocommerce Customer Review plugin which helps your customers leave a review of different services, products. Reviews Ultimate offers two shortcodes of product review to show review and show customers a review form to submit.

Provided options:

  • Control reviews of customers
  • Multiple rating systems supported
  • Choose to show reviews on one page or all the product pages
  • Filter reviews


  • Simple to use and customize

4. Wiremo


One of the best customer review plugin for WordPress which makes it convenient for your customers to send feedback and for your team to improve quality of services and products. It is great for this plugin when allowing customers to use their social accounts to sign in and send a review.

Provided options:

  • Conversation/Pop-up trigger
  • In-email or on-landing review request automatically
  • Able to send responses to reviewers


  • Support many languages, the notification system
  • Friendly design.

5. Review & Product Review by Review Builder


Adding to your site a review and star-rating section, Review & Product Review is a powerful Woocommerce Customer Reviews Plugin which provides you an entire feature set, so your site will show off review feedbacks in a beautiful way. Besides, it is also possible to add your own custom product criteria, give review box a nice title, color options, etc.


  • Create as many reviews as possible
  • Customize reviews.

6. Reviews Widget


A flexible WordPress customer feedback plugin to request customers who have made purchases on your store to give reviews. It is automatically triggered when a user makes a payment through email.

Provided options:

  • Random text section
  • Support Google,, Facebook, WooCommerce, and also manual reviews.

7. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews


This Woocommerce Customer Review plugin exceed all the traditional product rating and reviews, it provides your customers a brand new solution to add title, and one or many attachments to the review. Also, this plugin will generate a summary for each product with the description of the review number that has been written with each different rating.

Provided options:

  • Add to reviews rich snippets
  • Customers can add attachment or title to product review.


Hope you find this collection useful for getting a suitable plugin for your site! Don’t forget to visit these Free WooCommerce Themes which helps you build a wonderful website.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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