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Immediately after learning through Woocommerce preliminary surely now we should set Woocommerce in website to be able to experience right away.   But first, I encourage you to learn new WordPress on a website running on localhost to avoid affecting  your website.

Setting language for website

 I will set Woocommerce is English. Do the same if you want to use languages other Woocommerce.Installing and setting  up the basic.

First,  you find  plugin by keyword woocommerce in  Dashboard and install the plugin ,then you install it.

After installing the trigger as usual. When you activate it you will go straight to the page for  initial setup and use of the language itself was set up on the website.  Pressing Start to conduct initial setup.

Next is the installation steps necessary for Woocommerce page. Here,  it will install a number of pages required as Store Locate , Shipping&Tax , Payments, … because without these pages, it will not be perfect. Therefore we will press Continue.

Next is to install store location where you will install your store’s country, currency, currency format. If you set up the shop in somewhere , you should set up our image.

In step shipping and tax settings you just press Continue without selecting anything then, so we’ll take a closer set in its own section. After setup is complete, go back to the administration page.

At the billing setup, you can temporarily tick Bank Transfer (BACS) Payment and Pay cash on delivery.

You have now successfully set up, press the button if you want to help enable authors used data collected on the website.

We are also have one step further last revised format is a bit more cash to give it the format best suited .You go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> General

You can now see that there’s nothing scary or hard in configuring and using WooCommerce. Try it and share your impressions with us. If you have valuable advice for newbies, feel free to share it below. We appreciate your comments.

Thanks for your reading. If you have any question with this blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will reply to it as soon as possible.

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