Setup Shop Homepage In Woocommerce

In a separate theme for WooCommerce you can easily find most products are taken out of homepage because often the theme that will help you make an actual sales page. And the common theme does not support it usually displays the latest posts instead of products. Of course we can’t turn a simple theme into a […]

Adding Product Groups In Woocommerce

Group products in WooCommerce can be understood as a set of multiple products into one group, and the user when the group will buy it instead of just buying a single product. Suitable for your sales promotion package or something. The groups do not confuse the product with the product category, two completely different ones. […]

Creating products with attributes in Woocommerce

In addition to a simple product that we will use frequently to more conventional types of products it also supports an additional Woocommerce product types anymore that you will often find in the sales professional website, which is the product attribute. For example, you have the products are T-shirts and customers can choose when ordering […]

Order Management in Woocommerce

Every time someone orders on your website, in addition to sites send you a notification email, the client sends a confirmation email, then of course it also stores information in the order in the database of the website you can be seen in part Woocommerce -> Order. Here, you will find a list of all […]

Setup email notifications in Woocommerce

Woocommerce default, whenever a customer orders, the website will send an email notification to the administrator , and shoppers themselves will also receive an email confirmation of their order, and they will also receive an email when their order status changes. Make sure your website can send mail If you are using good hosts for […]

Account settings in Woocommerce

The account setup in Woocommerce will include options related to the registration of an account or account manager when customers buy product. Accounts Page In Woocommerce, select the page as account management page, that page required to contain the corresponding shortcode to display information for your account.   Endpoint connection   Connection endpoint is the […]

Establish Payment Through PayPal In Woocommerce

Setting Up the Sandbox In Woocommerce, Sandbox mode means testing for the developer / programmer, you can create an account with the amount available Sandbox in which to conduct experiments on its website. When using this mode in Woocommerce, you will be paid to your PayPal account and your own will using PayPal Sandbox account […]

The Payment Settings In Woocommerce

Payment settings To install the payment of Woocommerce , you visit Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payment. Compulsory security payment: This option should not tick if you do not understand what is SSL certificate. You should only choose when you installed an SSL certificate on the website. Cart Page: Select the shopping cart page where you […]

Complete delivery fee charged in Woocommerce

Debug Shipping Mode You access to the WooCommerce -> System Status -> Tools and check the correction mode of delivery methods.   Setup Shipping Zone (Zone shipping) If you want to set up shipping costs, you must set the Shipping Zone before. To set up your shipping zone WooCommerce -> Forwarding and Shipping Zones selected, […]

How to Change WooCommerce Product Image Size

The default picture size of Woocommerce probably will not like the attention you want, because you may want your product image larger or smaller. Although in all learn setup overview of Woocommerce had to talk through pictures and share settings but maybe I should write an article for your own easy to find when you […]