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Nobody wants other people to use their premium products without paying any fees. Therefore, WordPress License Plugin is created to help users protect their copyright at ease. This is also the reason why we collected a Collection of 6 Useful WordPress License Plugins In 2021 for you to explore. Check it out!

What are the benefits gained from WordPress License Plugin?

Using WordPress License Plugin will help users create unlimited license keys for protecting their content including WordPress themes and plugins, and much more. On the ground of that, you can earn money and manage your documentation effectively. Similarly, you also obtain chances to keep track of the updates of your products regularly.

Top 6 Amazing WordPress License Plugins

WooCommerce Software License ManagerWooCommerce Software License Manager

WooCommerce Software License Manage comes from EDD Software License Manager, permitting you to integrate this plugin with WooCommerce in some simple steps. When installing this plugin, you can get the best out of its features to create license keys and control your online system on WooCommerce. On top of that, you have the total right to activate or unactivated your license and do other actions with no difficulty.

License Keys for WooCommerce

License Keys for WooCommerce is a great WordPress License Plugin, allowing you to insert your products to both WordPress and WooCommerce. It has the capability to work well with all product and price variations. This plugin will give you strong support for generating and managing your license keys and verifying your own license digital products too.

Software License Manager

Software License ManagerThe Software license manager is compatible with API so that you enable to create your product’s license at ease. In addition, this plugin also supports you to generate the license keys directly from the admin dashboard of this plugin. Last but not least, it comes with a wide range of applications for WordPress such as plugins, PHP-based membership scripts, themes, and much more.

License Manager for WooCommerce

The License Manager for WooCommerce is an essential tool for users to insert and import their license keys in WooCommerce without any coding or technical knowledge required. On top of that, you also obtain a chance to activate or deactivate your license with REST API support. Moreover, you can use this plugin to export your license as PDF and CVS files.

Software License Manager for WooCommerce

Software License Manager for WooCommerce is an impressive WordPress License Plugin that we highly recommend. Thanks to the support from this plugin, you can add various license keys to protect your products from attackers efficiently. Moreover, you can extend your site ability via compatibility with many major plugins.

Elite Licenser Lite

Elite Licenser Lite can adjust to work well with all kinds of digital products and items. By using it, you can keep track of the updates of your products, build license code automatically, and much more in some simple steps. Besides, this plugin also integrates with API, so you can track your licensed products from different apps.


We have carefully hand-picked the best popular WordPress License Plugins in the current market in the hope that you can choose the best one. If this article is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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